Customer Realizes Millions in Savings with App Portal

Customer Profile:

  • Large global enterprise
  • Over 150,000 employees
  • Over 70,000 devices
  • Over 300,000 software requests automated through App Portal

Challenges and Needs:

  • Upcoming license renewals with Microsoft and Adobe
  • Spending too much on software


Using App Portal they successfully targeted three software titles for reclamation:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project


  • Removed over 10,000 installations of unused software
  • Reclaimed over $4.5M USD worth of software licenses
  • Realized $3.5M USD in hard dollar savings when renegotiating renewals

Software licenses, maintenance, and renewals make up a large part of an enterprise budget. Many companies are looking to reduce their overall spending on new software and increase the utilization of the software they have already purchased. Many organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30 percent with some basic Software License Optimization best practices. By removing unused or underused applications through an automated software reclamation process, companies can reduce the overall application footprint in the environment. The removal of unused applications can ultimately lead to a reduction in the volume of licenses the company is required to purchase for those applications, and can also reduce maintenance costs. Software reclamation is a key tactic to reduce future spending on software

A large enterprise customer with over 150,000 employees, recently launched a software reclamation strategy to prepare for an upcoming license renewal with two of their major software vendors—Microsoft and Adobe. They created a reclamation campaign using Flexera Software App Portal by configuring My Apps for automated software reclamation. My Apps is the capability in App Portal that gives employees one place to view license cost and usage information for applications installed on their devices and involves them in the Software License Optimization process. The Software Policy Score™ informs employees how well applications installed on their devices comply with corporate policies and whether they have applications that are not being used and could be reclaimed.

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