Workflow Manager Datasheet

Reduce Your IT Costs
Using Workflow Manager to coordinate your software packaging process helps eliminate costly deployment errors and reduce help desk calls.
Implement ITIL and BDD Best Practices
Workflow Manager makes it easy to implement ITIL and BDD application management processes across your organization.
Maximize IT Productivity
Workflow Manager lets IT share resources and collaborate in real time, significantly increasing your efficiency.
Ensure Faster Software Rollouts
Workflow Manager speeds software packages through to deployment, ensuring applications are available faster and SLAs are met.
Eliminate Redundant Work
Workflow Manager identifies if requested applications already exist in your environment, so IT never duplicates work.

IT departments are constantly preparing software for deployment. But if that software packaging process is managed poorly, expensive errors can occur, resulting in deployment delays, software downtime, lost productivity, and increased IT costs.

Workflow Manager from Flexera Software is a Webbased, end-to-end process management solution that gives IT total control over the software packaging, application virtualization, Windows ® 7 migration, and general desktop management process. Using Workflow Manager, organizations can follow standardized processes based on best practices that cut costs and make IT more efficient.

Streamline Packaging, Application Virtualization Migrations, and OS Migrations

Workflow Manager gives a company’s employees an easy way to submit application requests to IT personnel, who can use Workflow Manager to assign those requests to the software packager with the most bandwidth. Packagers are shown the entire packaging process in an easy-to-follow graphical workflow, so they know exactly which steps to perform and in which order. Workflows can be easily customized to fit application virtualization and Windows 7 migration projects.

Centrally Manage Projects, Applications, and IT Resources

Whether managing a small team or multiple IT centers around the world, Workflow Manager makes it easy for IT to monitor every aspect of the packaging, application virtualization, or Windows 7 migration process. Workflow Manager shows the real-time status of every project, who is working on it, and any issues that arise, so you can take action to ensure SLAs are met.

Integrated with AdminStudio for Better Package Management

Workflow Manager is integrated with Flexera Software’s AdminStudio ® , the premier software packaging and virtualization enablement solution. Workflows can include AdminStudio tasks, and progress is automatically reflected in the Workflow Manager UI. The combined solution shares the same Application Catalog, so all package files and metadata generated by AdminStudio is automatically captured along with application request and workflow information from Workflow Manager. This data is accessible anytime using Workflow Manager’s powerful reporting tools and can feed into your configuration management database to simplify ITIL or Microsoft MOF and BDD implementations.

Customize to Fit Your Organization’s Standards

Workflow Manager is easily customized to meet the unique business processes and changing needs of your enterprise. From the application request details that application owners submit to IT to the workflow process that packagers follow, Workflow Manager can be continually updated to enforce best practices that are specific to your enterprise’s needs.

Workflow Manager provides us with a standardized way to manage the entire application preparation process. It…increases efficiency, and ultimately results in faster, more reliable deployment.

Conor Maguire, Hewlett Packard

Streamline Packaging, Application Virtualization Migration, and Windows 7 Migrations

Workflow Management

Workflow Manager collects information on application requests in real time – as IT works on them – and automatically routes the application requests to the correct step in the process based on that data, significantly decreasing time to deployment.

Assigning Work by Name

Workflow Manager provides a complete list of every IT member and the projects they are currently assigned, enabling IT management to assign new tasks to individuals based on their available bandwidth and monitor their progress in real time.

Template Creation

Save time and effort by creating templates using a smoother, more complete interface.

Dashboard Home Page

The Workflow Manager home page includes a dashboard that provides summary information about relevant work assignments, issues, reports, and any links or company-specific data you wish. The information is unique to each user, based on their permissions and their current project load.

Dynamic Email Notification

Workflow Manager can send dynamic emails to specific stakeholders to notify them of work being performed on their application requests. These emails increase workflow efficiency while keeping the right people in the loop. No more phone calls to IT asking “Where is my application?”

Centrally Manage Projects, Applications, and IT Resources

Issue Tracking and Resolution

Whenever packaging issues arise, Workflow Manager provides tools to facilitate their resolution, including giving IT the ability to send queries to the originator of the application request. You can now assign an owner and due date to issues, ensuring the right person addresses the right issue in a time-sensitive manner.

Critical Issue Management

Issues can be labeled as critical, immediately placing the workflow into a read-only mode until the issue has been resolved. Also, all comments associated with an issue are grouped together in a hierarchy, so that the order of responses is clear.

Share Critical Application Data

Workflow Manager enables you to proactively access and share data anytime with key personnel in your enterprise who need it, enabling more efficient and effective software repair, updating, and management.


Design, store, and rerun your own custom reports using Workflow Manager’s easy-to-use Report Wizard. Reports can now include packaging data from AdminStudio as well, and you can customize SQL queries to generate reports on all data on a given package stored in the Application Catalog.

Role-Based Reporting Security

Assign report permissions to Workflow Manager users based on roles to ensure they only see data they are authorized to access.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reporting and Management

Generate reports on the status of SLAs to assist in keeping them compliant. You can align Workflow Manager’s SLA clock with your specific business practices and work schedules, so work stoppages aren’t counted against your SLAs. You also have control over the SLA due dates of each application in a given project, giving you greater accuracy when managing SLAs.

AdminStudio Integration for Better Management

Integrated Web Tool Interface

Workflow Manager shares a tabbed interface with AdminStudio’s Job Manager, Report Center, and Configuration Manager Web Console.

Shared Application Catalog

Workflow Manager and AdminStudio are fully integrated, making it easier to standardize and streamline packaging, as well as implement application packaging best practices ITIL and Microsoft’s MOF and DDD. These two products share the same Application Catalog, so package-related data in AdminStudio and packaging process management data in Workflow Manager are linked and accessible via AdminStudio’s Report Center and can be fed into your configuration management database.

Virtual Application Management

Workflow Manager now provides unprecedented support for managing virtual applications, making it as easy as managing MSIs. It stores virtual application files and related metadata in the same location as the binaries and information on your non-virtual packages.

Integrated Users, Roles, and Permissions

All security settings (users, roles, and permissions) for AdminStudio and Workflow Manager are managed from the same UI.

Link Workflow Phase with an AdminStudio Project

When defining a Workflow Manager template, you can choose to define a workflow phase as an AdminStudio workflow project, and you will receive progress notification from AdminStudio as the project steps are completed.

Automated MSI Conflict Solving

If you use AdminStudio to test MSIs for conflicts, you can now save time by running the entire automated testing process within Workflow Manager with the exposed Conflict Solving API.

Customize to Fit Your Organization’s Standards

Integration with External Databases

Integrate Workflow Manager processes with your CMDB and other data sources, including Remedy ® and Peregrine ® . Create templates in Workflow Manager that populate with real-time data obtained from SQL Server ® or Oracle ® databases, ensuring templates are always populated with up-to-date information.

LDAP Database Integration

Save time by using your LDAP database – including Microsoft Active Directory ® and Novell ® eDirectory ® databases – to establish individual or group access rights for Workflow Manager users. Any changes in your LDAP database are automatically reflected during Workflow Manager login.

Submitting Application Requests

Tailor the application request submission process to your specific needs, making sure application owners always provide complete installation instructions to IT. Workflow Manager templates are easily customizable, ensuring the right data fields, default values, and help links are always present.

Custom Web Page Support

Launch any Web page in a new browser window during any Workflow Manager workflow step.

Dynamic Templates

Workflow Manager’s Web-based templates are easily customized to fit the changing needs of your enterprise – and you don’t have to hire a Web designer to do it!

Script Execution

Workflow Manager can call an executable file or script from any step in the process, significantly extending Workflow Manager’s ability to meet your more advanced requirements.

Integrated Web Services

Workflow Manager provides a set of Web services that can be integrated with your other business systems to share application management events and data.

Customized Branding

The Workflow Manager interface can be updated to reflect your company name and imagery.

Complete Security Management

Workflow Manager’s rolesbased security model gives you complete control over the access rights and privileges of every Workflow Manager user. It’s integrated with your LDAP database so you never waste time managing an independent set of groups.

Role Management

Access to Workflow Manager can be granted on a feature-by-feature level for even tighter control.

Guest Access

Establish guest accounts that permit people without a system account to access Workflow Manager with limited permissions, so you don’t have to waste time creating unique accounts for every potential Workflow Manager user.

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