Operating System Deployment and Application Migration with Flexera Software App Portal Datasheet

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Simplifies operating system migration for bare-metal builds and for re-imaging or replacing a computer
  • Automates Windows 10 deployment to save IT staff time and cut costs
  • Empowers users to request upgrades or re-imaging and schedule delivery to occur at their convenience
  • Surveys users to ensure they receive the right applications
  • Maintains IT control over which users are ready to migrate and when scheduled migrations can occur

What are the biggest challenges you face in operating system deployment and application migration from your legacy operating systems to Microsoft® Windows 10? Most likely, they include the following:

  • Deploying applications during the build process
  • Upgrading older applications automatically to current, supported versions
  • Automating role-based application deployment
  • Ensuring users have the correct applications after operating system migration
  • Meeting tight deadlines for completion of the operating system migration project

Flexera Software App Portal can help you tackle all of these challenges. This industry-leading enterprise app store solution automates Windows 10 operating system deployments and application migrations.

With App Portal, you can deliver role-based, bare-metal builds, re-imaging and replacement of computers through your enterprise app store by leveraging core OSD functionality in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

The solution simplifies administrative processes associated with OS deployment software, so you can make the operating system and applications available with minimum effort. Users initiate the migration from the enterprise app store, scheduling it around a time that is convenient for them. As a result, the transition to the new operating system occurs quickly and painlessly.

Survey Sets the Stage

A successful transition to a new operating system starts with an understanding of each user’s current environment and behavior. To this end, the App Survey process collects data on the applications installed on end-user machines at the time of the operating system deployment request. The solution intelligently leverages the information collected, suggesting which applications to migrate based on such factors as usage patterns and administrator recommendations.

Administrators can modify the App Survey to allow applications to migrate during the build process, start the application migration or provide users with a URL to restore applications themselves after the operating system deployment.

Integrated Application Delivery at Build Time

Application installations can occur during build, drastically reducing delivery times. As Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager deploys the operating system, App Portal assigns the applications associated with the end user and computer, in the given order.

Role-Based Application Provisioning

Roles — Roles are logical containers of applications and settings that can be manually assigned or automatically applied to the operating system deployment build process based on various conditions. You can create roles that apply applications and settings to attributes of the user or computer and have the roles applied automatically.

Administrator-Defined Roles — Administrator-defined groups of applications can be applied to operating system deployment task sequences in the self-service catalog. These roles are always applied.

Dynamic Roles — App Portal assigns roles dynamically based on user and computer criteria. Administrators can ensure that the marketing application bundle is always deployed to users in the marketing department, the finance computers always include disk encryption and so forth. 3 Tiered Approach to Application

3-Tiered Approach to Application Deployment

Automatic Upgrades — During application migration, older, outdated applications are automatically upgraded to current, supported versions.

Administrator-Controlled Deployment

User Readiness — You or delegated business group owners select or import lists of users and define a start date, end date and recommended deployment date. The deployment item appears in the online catalog only for users that you have identified as “ready.” As a result, you maintain granular administrative control while empowering users with self-service and scheduling flexibility.

User Readiness Notification — You can notify users in bulk by email when they are eligible to migrate to the new version of Windows. The automatically generated email message provides all the information users need to initiate deployment — customizable instructions, the start date, recommended date and end date, as well as any blackout dates. The user can click on a URL to schedule the operating system migration directly from the email message.

Scheduling Constraints — You specify when operating system deployments can occur, and at what volume, using the scheduling constraint functionality, which includes:

  • Blackout dates
  • Daily volume limits
  • Conditions based on computer or user criteria

These constraints prevent negative impacts on the network and business units by controlling the date and time ranges during which users may schedule the migration.

Ease of Use for Business Users

Convenient Initiation of Migration — End users and/or technicians can request Windows 7 or 8 deployment from App Portal using a familiar shopping cart model.

Flexibility in Scheduling — Users schedule delivery at the time most convenient for them within the constraints you specify. They can, for example, request delivery after hours or when they plan to be away from the office. As a result, users transition to the new operating system with minimum effort and no disruption.

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