Flexera Software Solutions for Enterprises

Flexera Software’s enterprise solutions help organizations increase the usage, security and value derived from the software they purchase and empower IT Operations, Finance and Security teams to strategically manage software assets. Flexera Software enables organizations to:

Mitigate risk

There are several types of risk that all organizations face relative to enterprise software - security risks, financial risks, and operational risks. Each can have a major impact on your business.

  • Software vulnerabilities continue to be one of the most common vectors for attackers to gain access to systems.
  • Failing license compliance audits costs millions of dollars in unbudgeted true-up fees every year.
  • In the age of digital business, service disruption can make the difference between profit and loss.

Our enterprise solutions help mitigate all of these types of risk.

Prepare the organization to adopt new technology

Enabling IT-as-a-Service and having business processes in place to effectively leverage new technologies such as virtualization, the cloud and bring your own device (BYOD) can foster greater business agility. Ensuring that IT has the controls and processes in place to proactively manage software as it moves through its lifecycle—from procurement to eventual retirement—our solutions enable IT Operations to transform IT service delivery to better meet the needs of a rapidly changing business.

Realize savings from technology efficiencies and fund innovation

Finance is constantly seeking ways to reduce costs and negotiate better contracts. Finding efficiencies is essential to managing a tight budget. Being able to effectively and efficiently leverage new technologies is also important. Automating and integrating business processes, such as those for Application Readiness, Software License Optimization, and Software Vulnerability Management streamlines service delivery and decreases the time and effort required to perform tasks such as responding to software audits and remediating security vulnerabilities. Through proactive asset management, optimizations can be achieved that reduce software spend, freeing needed funds and IT resources to support business innovations.

Flexera Software’s enterprise solutions are built on a foundation of comprehensive and accurate inventory data that drives application rationalization, software asset management and software vulnerability management processes. The intelligence built into our solutions includes application compatibility, software identification, license entitlements, and vulnerability data that helps automate complex processes and deliver actionable insights to the business. These solutions drive increased collaboration across IT Operations, Finance, and Security areas of the business.

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