One Software Deployment Tool for Reliable Application Packaging, Virtualization, Windows Migrations and Mobile Application Management

Application Packaging and Software Deployment Tools

AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for software deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and reporting capabilities. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time by up to 70%, AdminStudio software application manager hands off packages to leading software deployment tools.

IT professionals have always had to adapt to change, but it is increasingly important in today’s digital business to keep applications continually updated and ready to deploy in any environment. AdminStudio automates application preparation to fix and package reliable enterprise applications for continuous and predictable deployment to App Portal and leading software deployment tools.

Improve Quality of Service and Streamline Service Delivery

  • Cut MSI packaging time by up to 70%
  • Repackage applications for Windows Installer (MSI)
  • Create and edit MSI installations, patches and transforms
  • Advanced MSI packaging, customization, and authoring with InstallShield

Decrease Risk and Embrace New Technologies Faster

  • Increase stability and reliability of applications and computing platforms
  • Manage applications with a predictable and repeatable automated process
  • Future-proof against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology

Improve Efficiency with a Central Application Repository

  • Centrally manage packages, metadata, and source media
  • Application centric management enables side-by-side organization of packages for all client computing environments
  • Customizable reports and dashboards include high-level statistics, a list of modified packages and recent catalog management activity

Tight Integration with Leading Software Deployment Tools

  • Distribute applications to the leading software deployment tools – including Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager, Novell® ZENworks, LANDesk® Management Suite, and Symantec™ Altiris Client Management Suite
  • Integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for direct importing and exporting of packages — leverages your current investment and reduces manual effort.
  • Automatically publishes applications in the enterprise app store, App Portal, for immediate access by end users

Reliably Manage the Entire Asset Lifecycle

AdminStudio works with App Portal, our enterprise app store, solution to deliver reliable applications to employees. FlexNet Manager Suite, our next-generation software asset management and license optimization solution, reduces costs and optimizes spending on software, and the Corporate Software Inspector automates security patch management. Together these solutions provide the visibility and automation that IT, finance, and security professionals rely on to manage software assets intelligently.

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Seamless Integration to Manage the Entire Asset Lifecycle Enterprise Edition

Automatically publish updated evidence to the Application Recognition Library (ARL) to improve discovery with more accurate matching of software titles. Publish new applications in the App Portal store directly from AdminStudio, eliminating the need for additional configuration by the App Portal Administrator.

Now you can update the Flexera Identifier within the FlexNet Manager Suite, control the automatic creation of an App Portal store items, and specify an application’s title, description, category, templates and keywords directly in AdminStudio Application Manager. When applications are deployed to the system management tool, they will be immediately available in App Portal for users to request them.

Repackage Applications for Windows Installer Enterprise, Professional and Standard Editions

Convert any setup into pure Windows Installer package. Ensure successful deployment, long-term reliability, and problem-free coexistence with the other applications by migrating software to the Windows Installer (MSI) format.

AdminStudio has the ability to convert any setup into a pure MSI package. The enhanced Repackager does all the work for you quickly and accurately. No more waiting for snapshots or scrolling through file exclusion lists— all the system changes made by a setup — and only those changes — are automatically captured. You get the most accurate MSI possible, and you get it in far less time.

Advanced Editing with InstallShield - AdminStudio Edition InstallShield 2015 Premier – AdminStudio Edition is included with Enterprise
InstallShield 2015 Professional – AdminStudio Edition is included with Professional and Standard

Create and edit MSI installations, virtual profiles, patches and transforms with the latest version of the world's leading MSI authoring and editing tool.

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