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Image: Now available: SaaS data from over 26,000 applications

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become increasingly attractive to enterprises because it provides a way to retire the technical debt associated with maintaining and operating traditional data centers. In fact, Flexera’s 2023 State of the Cloud Report found that moving from on-premises software to SaaS is a top initiative for 43 percent of organizations. The ability to access SaaS applications anytime, anywhere also provides an advantage that we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The visibility you need to optimize spend with SaaS vendors

Luckily, getting a handle on your SaaS spend is something Flexera specializes in. Historically, ingesting data from vendors outside of the major players like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft could be an incredibly technical task. If you wanted to consume data points from one of your smaller vendors into Flexera One SaaS Management, you would need to use scripting languages such as Python or PowerShell along with our public APIs.

But with our latest update, now you can seamlessly gather data from all your vendors directly via the vendor APIs or by using a csv flat file if the vendor APIs don’t exist. That means regardless of the vendor, you’ll be able to ingest and view the corresponding data in a clean, consistent user interface. This gives you the visibility and insights required to control spend with the SaaS vendors you’re using.

The data available from vendors opens a world of possibilities for optimizing your software estate. With comprehensive data pertaining to your SaaS applications, you can:

  • Discover the SaaS applications purchased and used by your business units
  • Collaborate with business owners to optimize subscriptions and consolidate contracts
  • Track the value delivered by SaaS applications through proactively generated, easy-to-read usage reports
  • Stop paying monthly subscriptions for users who never log on

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