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Image: Benefits of IoT Asset Tracking Software: Quick Guide

‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is more than just a buzzword. It’s a representation of the world today–a universe of billions of devices, from smartwatches to high-tech satellite systems, all sharing and exchanging information.

IoT has the power to revolutionize business; it can lay the foundation for smarter, more cost-effective and more efficient operations. Still, its connectivity capabilities can bring some risks to enterprises. IoT devices have little built-in security, making them easy targets for nefarious actors looking to compromise entire systems. To ensure that your organization remains secure despite the use of IoT, you must employ proper asset management, which involves IoT asset tracking software or the best IT asset inventory management software  like Flexera One.

IoT as a threat to security

IoT devices, much like other IT assets, require protection to prevent cyber attacks. Though their interconnected nature is one of their advantages, it also makes them susceptible to hacking.

Cybercriminals can access networks through IoT devices, then install malicious software (‘malware’) to compromise your systems and operations. Hackers can also steal data through IoT devices, which not only negatively affects a business, but also its stakeholders and customers.

Examples of IoT Attacks

IoT security is critical because the use of these devices expands the way threats can plague networks. Here are some of the ways cybercriminals can take advantage of IoT devices to attack enterprises:


IoT botnet malware is among the most frequently seen malware used in this regard, but ransomware is also common. These types of infectious software can be used to take down major websites and services.

DDoS Attacks

Infected IoT devices are often used for distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which flood targets with too many requests to consume their capacity, rendering them unable to perform their expected tasks. These events can be huge, especially as they can lay the base for other malicious activity or become an entry point for lateral attacks in a corporate network.

Device Misconfiguration

Cybercriminals can use IoT devices to manipulate connected technology, leading to device mismanagement. Misconfigured devices can lower productivity and may lead users to put important information at risk.

Information Theft

When hackers intercept IoT devices, they may get access to technical and personal information. They can then capture this data and store or sell it.

What is IoT asset tracking?

IoT asset tracking is the practice of taking stock of the IoT technology at play in an organization’s tech infrastructure. It’s used to monitor and manage interconnected devices that use technology such as WiFi, GPS, or RFID.

Large enterprises should use caution when linking IoT devices to their networks, but given how these technologies have made themselves integral in many aspects of operation, this linking might be unavoidable. Because of this, IoT asset tracking is an important line of defense in a company’s IT security.

Benefits of using IoT asset tracking software

Using IoT asset tracking software allows you to keep an eye on your IoT devices, making sure they’re secure and don’t put your organization’s networks and systems at risk. Here are some benefits of using IoT asset tracking software:

Real-time monitoring

IoT asset tracking software can give you real-time information on your assets. This monitoring advantage can drive actionable insights while reducing risks and improving security.

Cost reduction

The level of monitoring that IoT asset tracking software provides can help you paint a more accurate picture of your infrastructure and pinpoint where assets are at all times, which can help you determine where change needs to happen throughout the IT asset management lifecycle to increase operational accuracy, reduce unnecessary waste, and optimize the IT asset management workflow–all of which will reduce costs.

Streamlined operations

With IoT asset tracking software, you can manage thousands of assets in one place, allowing you to streamline operations. You can also better predict your asset maintenance processes, enabling you to come up with more efficient proactive strategies.

Mitigated risks

Businesses can use IoT tracking software to deter loss and theft. You can use the system to find lost assets easily and flag vulnerable assets more accurately, which can lead to more probable recovery of stolen inventory. This could save you lots of resources, given that most tech can cost a fortune to repair or replace.

Maximize the benefits of IoT asset tracking with Flexera

IoT asset tracking software is a necessity for all businesses thriving in this digital and technological world. This technology can help you keep track of your IoT devices, minimizing the risks they may pose to your company’s security. Learn how you can maximize the benefits of IoT asset tracking with Flexera–get in touch with us today to learn more!