RightScale Product Updates: New RightScale Features: Support for Azure Resource Manager, Google Cloud Costs for CoreOs and Debian Premium Licenses, and More

It’s summertime, and the livin’ may be easy, but the RightScale team has stayed focused on delivering a variety of new features. To get more information, click the links below or contact your RightScale Account Manager.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Initial support for Azure Resource Manager: The next-generation Microsoft cloud, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), supports open technologies with any OS, language, database, or tool and is now available in RightScale Cloud Management. There are several important known limitations to be aware of during this initial release, and you must request access via RightScale Support. Read more about our ARM Support here.


  • Improved performance on the Manager page: We’ve enhanced the performance on the Manager page so that you can more quickly view large lists of CloudApps.
  • New strftime() function in RCL: This new functionality enables easy translation of datetimes into various string formats for use with other APIs. Learn how to use this function.

Cloud Management

  • Improved support for install-at-boot for RightLink 10: When an instance is behind a proxy, you can use the the rs_agent:mime_shellscript tag to provide a proxy-aware environment to run the install script. Read more about RightLink 10 proxying.

Cloud Analytics

  • CoreOS and Debian premium OS license costs for Google Cloud now included:  In addition to seeing license costs for CoreOS and Debian premium OS for Google Cloud in the Cloud Analytics dashboard, you can now view them on the Analyze page where you can see instance costs and usage.
  • Support for AWS X1 instance types: AWS X1 instance types are now supported in our Cloud Pricing Service, a single source of pricing data for all public clouds supported by RightScale — including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, and Rackspace — as well as all private clouds registered across your RightScale accounts.

RightLink v10.5.1

  • RightLink v10.5.1 is a point release for the last major General Availability release (10.5.0): The release includes support for Azure Resource Manager (ARM). For more details, see the RightLink 10.5.1 Release Notes.

New Cloud Resources 

  • Cloud Migration and Portability Best Practices: Join us for a live webinar on August 10 where we will define technical options for cloud portability and guide you on assessing application suitability for migration.
  • The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Cloud Governance: A Frictionless Approach: Learn how using a smart governance methodology can help you drive delays to zero by offering developers and business units cloud resources as quickly as teams can obtain them directly from cloud providers.
  • RightScale Team at Gartner Catalyst: Make an appointment to meet with our product and engineering experts to discuss your cloud strategy or other topics of interest at Gartner Catalyst in San Diego August 15-17. To schedule a one-on-one meeting, contact sales.