RightScale Product Updates: Cloud Cost Management, Self-Service Plugins, Azure Resource Manager Enhancements, and More

Our May product updates include RightScale Optima, the first cloud cost management solution designed as a collaborative platform that integrates cost-saving recommendations and automated action with extensive cost reporting to help you reduce cloud costs. Additionally, we’ve made a number of enhancements to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform including launching plugins for Self-Service, removing default subnets for networks created in Azure Resource Manager, and more.

Announcing Early Access for RightScale Optima

RightScale Optima is a new collaborative cloud cost management and optimization solution. It enables you to deliver automated cost-saving recommendations to the appropriate resource owners and track optimization progress across your entire organization. To request a demo of Optima, contact your account manager.

Cloud Management

  • Frozen CentOS 5 mirrors: Because CentOS 5 stopped updating packages at End of Life on March 31, 2017, we froze CentOS 5 mirrors to April 12, 2017. If you use a date after this, you will see errors when launching.
  • Subnets for Azure Resource Manager no longer created by default: When you create a network in Azure Resource Manager, RightScale no longer automatically creates a default subnet. Instead, you can create subnets as required when creating a new network without having to first delete the all-encompassing default subnet.


  • User Role Report: Enterprise Managers and Admins can now download a detailed user role report (CSV), broken down by accounts, for better visibility and auditing.


  • Self-Service plugins are now available: Integrate with and manage any service from any cloud or service provider by defining a plugin in your Self-Service Cloud Application Template (CAT) and publishing the CloudApp to your catalog. More details.

New Cloud Resources