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Image: Get Showback Reporting for AWS, Azure and More Clouds

Last month we released a brand-new RightScale Cloud Analytics dashboard for managing all your AWS costs as well as your instance costs for Azure, Google, SoftLayer, OpenStack, and VMware and other public and private clouds. Today we are releasing a new feature that will enable showback reporting for cloud costs across your enterprise.

Now when you connect multiple cloud accounts to your RightScale accounts, you can tag these accounts with the information you need to report on how much was spent on which cloud resources and by whom. For example, by tagging your RightScale accounts with the names of business units, groups, or departments, you will be able to see showback broken out by those tag names when you export your monthly cost report.

For an easier way to manage all your cloud costs and provide showback across your enterprise, sign up for a free trial of RightScale Cloud Analytics.