Is your enterprise recession-proof?

Economic fluctuations may impact IT priorities

A pandemic that shook the world. Supply chain issues. The Great Recession. Political upheaval. Inflation and rapidly rising interest rates. These are just some of the variables influencing the potential for a global recession in 2023. Many believe this economic fluctuation is inevitable next year, but few are certain how long one might last or how severe it will be.

From the role of technology within an enterprise to security and digital transformation initiatives, the priorities of IT professionals will be impacted by a recession. A recent 2022 Flexera IT Insider Report uncovered current thoughts and trends of IT professionals. This infographic highlights how their priorities may shift moving forward.

To remain competitive in this evolving digital world, organizations must make strategic decisions about their cloud migration, cloud architecture, usage of public clouds, effective tooling and cloud cost management. This infographic highlights key takeaways from the report and offers insights into both the challenges and opportunities that the cloud provides.

Overcoming a recession