Business Services & Cloud Migration

From on-premises to the cloud, turn IT insight into action

Flexera’s solutions provide actionable intelligence needed to optimize your on-premises to cloud migration journey—from start to finish.

Many companies lack the right information or visibility into their applications to move to the cloud. Successful on-premises to cloud migrations require proper planning and analysis to determine the right applications to move, their associated key application dependencies, the right cloud provider, the best pricing model and more.

With Foundation and Cloudscape, you can illuminate your entire IT landscape and make better-informed decisions. This insight empowers you to chart the surest course to the cloud based on an accurate analysis of what workloads should be migrated and in what order.

Your IT estate is loaded with important questions

Leaders need to know what's in their IT environment. But they often don't know. During digital transformation, these leaders have decisions to make, such as determining which are their top external-facing applications and what can they move to the cloud. 

Foundation and CloudScape have the answers you need

Now you can:

  • Discover complete information about the state of your IT environment—from business services, networks and security threats to application dependency mapping, cloud migration planning and business case analysis
  • Use high-quality data to plan for changes in your IT
  • Sequence your workloads for on-premises migration to the cloud
  • See costs options by cloud provider for your cloud migrations

Key advantages:

  • Reduce time and expense with agentless discovery
  • Gather critical data without impacting your environment, scaling thousands of devices with fast, lightweight, safe and secure collection
  • Map business services, not just application dependencies, for intelligent mapping that provides automated grouping, application consumption by location and more
  • Get an executive summary report which samples data and visualizations from across your platform to produce a single presentable user experience
  • Create fully customized business cases that take multiple clouds, custom instance choices, buying types and resource provisioning into account to build a complete picture of your future in cloud
  • See where you’re at operational risk from servers performing poorly and where you can find savings by retiring devices