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Shape a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Take complete control of your cloud landscape

Hybrid cloud is the new norm for how businesses deliver products and services. Many enterprises use as many as five different clouds, with usually at least two on-premises private clouds in the mix. Fueling hybrid cloud adoption is the need for diversification to avoid vendor lock-in while leveraging best-of-breed cloud technologies. The goal is to gain a competitive advantage, whether from a cost perspective or end-to-end service delivery.

Discovering cloud resources and managing and optimizing multiple clouds are key requirements for maximizing the value of a hybrid cloud strategy.


For large enterprises concerned with brand equity, like VW Group of Audi of America, the stakes are especially high with regard to managing access to cloud infrastructure while ensuring cost efficiency and control.  

Flexera solution:

Flexera CMP provides a single pane of glass for managing hybrid cloud use with out-of-the-box and custom policies to automate governance of costs, operations, security, and compliance. 

Flexera helps us avoid vendor lock-in with any one cloud provider and ensures we are on the appropriate and most cost-effective cloud infrastructure at all times.

Jeff Titus, GM of Digital Technology Solutions

VW Group of Audi of America

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Flexera's solutions help you stay nimble by managing multiple cloud vendors more efficiently.

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