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Image: 1: Do we know exactly what’s in our IT estate?

IT planning and budgeting have always been challenging, and became even more so during the past year and a half.

At Flexera, we believe it’s essential that IT leaders use the best data, tools and resources to gain comprehensive visibility and responsive control. This allows you to plan and strategize to deliver the most value to your organization. We call this technology value optimization (TVO).

This is the first in our series of Precision Planning blogs that examine the key questions which must be answered in order to achieve TVO.

Can you see across your entire IT estate?

IT infrastructures are sprawling, impenetrable networks full of blind spots, wasted spend, unanticipated vulnerabilities and missed opportunities. Less than 25 percent of respondents in Flexera’s 2021 State of IT Visibility Report say they have complete visibility into their IT estates, with the vast majority seeing an incomplete picture of their assets.

The comprehensive visibility that makes data-driven planning possible

IT infrastructures and the foundational technology data on which they’re built are constantly changing. The landscape of assets and tools that feed business initiatives is complex and dynamic, scattered across hundreds of providers and typically managed by numerous siloed teams.

Comprehensive visibility across the entire estate, from on-premises to SaaS to cloud, has long been regarded by IT leaders as an impossible dream.

But the unprecedented view delivered by Flexera One’s IT Visibility application—powered by current, refined, enriched IT asset data from our own Technopedia—gives you the command and control you never thought possible, and makes IT lifecycle management infinitely more effective.

IT Visibility delivers:

With clear visibility you can also gain a clear picture of asset usage and costs by business unit, the business services powered by applications and servers, and a more precise understanding of asset requests and possible reclamation.

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IT Visibility

The business promise of your IT is huge. But it takes a complete, up-to-date view of your hybrid environment to make the most of it.

Comprehensive IT visibility empowers active data intelligence as a strategy to enable technology value optimization.

See for yourself 

How much more effective and precisely targeted would your strategy and budget be if you had comprehensive visibility of your entire IT estate? Download our free, comprehensive guide to see how better-informed IT lifecycle management decisions give you and your organization the greatest chance of sustained success.

IT planning guide
IT planning guide

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