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Image: You can’t manage tomorrow’s IT ecosystem with yesterday’s tools 

We all know that CIOs and the IT executives who work for them are accustomed to making the impossible happen. But the current trends in IT spend and usage are requiring these leaders to work mathematical miracles that redefine “impossible.” 

The numbers just don’t add up

The global contraction in business triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a decrease in IT spend in 2020, and 2021 spending is projected to increase by single digits.   

Yet enterprises are racing to the cloud at an ever-accelerating pace, and the urgent demands of the pandemic have shown organizations that they can achieve in a single weekend what once would have taken months.  

The result? Based on our survey of enterprises, we find that businesses are projecting a 47% increase in cloud spend over the next twelve months. 

How do you fund your organization’s insatiable appetite for digital transformation while responsibly managing the growing needs of the desktop and data center? And how can you accelerate the ROI of your technology investments during a time of heightened budgetary scrutiny? 

Reimagining ITAM for this new era

The answer lies in what we call technology value optimizationan approach to IT management that redefines what’s possible. This term describes what’s urgently needed in this new world and defines how every tech leader should look at their assets in a complex hybrid environment.

Technology value optimization (TVO) starts with something every IT executive has wished for: a comprehensive view of the entire IT ecosystem. A view that provides the answers to questions like:

  • How can I see across all the silos—SAM, HAM, data center, SaaS, cloud?
  • How do I avoid a career-damaging eight-figure surprise during an Oracle audit?
  • How do I avoid an AWS bill that far outstrips expectations and budget?

Better IT asset intelligence, brighter IT asset outcomes

Armed with insights like these, you can rightsize and drive down waste across the estate. Reallocate spend where it’s needed most. And reduce your exposure to disastrous audits and data-compromising vulnerabilities. 

TVO solutions also complement and enhance existing strategic investments in ITSM and ITFM. They deliver the clean and current technology data that makes the CMDB more accurate and ITSM more effective, and give you what you need to accurately allocate costs in ITFM.   

Flexera One: Informing IT, transforming IT

Flexera is now at the culmination of a three-year journey to reimagine and expand how our solutions deliver technology value optimization. We call it Flexera One: a SaaS-based IT management solution designed with and for organizations facing increasingly complex IT challenges. 

Our TVO solutions helped one large financial institution realize $60 million in IT savings during the first year of our engagement. Another customer saved more than $36 million in 18 months by getting ahead of managing key software licenses. These are just a few examples; I could cite many more.

It’s time to look at IT through a new lens: Technology Value Optimization

Digital transformation and the exponential pace of change will continue to place outsized demands on IT infrastructures and the CIOs who manage them. Flexera One and technology value optimization provide what these leaders need to engineer the impossible and help their organizations succeed.