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Image: Significant oversight now available for your top SaaS CRM

Today, Flexera announced the launch of Flexera One Select for Salesforce, a focused version of Flexera One IT Asset Management (ITAM) designed for customers to manage, view and optimize their Salesforce consumption and spend. According to the Flexera 2023 Tech Spend Pulse, Salesforce represents one of the largest vendors in terms of spend for organizations globally. There is significant opportunity for you to gain visibility and uncover optimization opportunities in your Salesforce estate for realized savings.

SaaS consumption and spend are significant IT challenges

Organizations of all sizes rely heavily on SaaS solutions such as Salesforce to drive their business processes. According to the Flexera 2023 Tech Spend Pulse, SaaS investment is expected to grow for 77% of organizations in the next 12 months, while only 7% expect to decrease spending at all. And for the first time, nearly two-thirds of software spend in overall IT budgets is spent specifically on SaaS.

SaaS applications offer a variety of benefits, including scalability, flexibility and accessibility. However, if not managed tightly, they can also lead to overspend, application sprawl and shadowIT if not managed tightly. As your organization grows and expands, it can be challenging to manage and optimize multiple Salesforce instances, organizations and users across the whole company. But you’re not alone: more than 60% of organizations rank visibility into technology and spend as top challenges for their business.

Manage cost and budget, based on actual Salesforce consumption

That’s why it’s time for your organization to take control over one of the biggest cost centers of the business.

Flexera One Select for Salesforce solves the estate management challenge by providing:

  • Multi-organizational Salesforce support: It’s becoming increasingly common for organizations to have multiple Salesforce instances, which makes visibility into and management of these instances near impossible. Flexera One Select for Salesforce provides a consolidated view of all instances
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud support: Gain insights into the monthly and yearly consumption of contacts against the total number allowed along with usage and user interface (UI) optimization metrics
  • Salesforce AppExchange support: Only Flexera provides a consolidated view across your instances and visibility into the AppExchange packages that are configured
  • Ability to reclaim Salesforce licenses: When a license is going unused or an employee leaves the organization, Flexera One Select for Salesforce provides the ability to reclaim and redistribute the license

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Flexera One Select for Salesforce gives you the ability to gain a deeper understanding of your technology spend, licensing and overall position with one of your top vendors—leading to cost avoidance, risk reduction and savings.

To learn more, please visit Flexera One Select for Salesforce.

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