SaaS Monetization and Subscription Management

Protect, Manage, Monitor and Update Your Apps and Devices. Realize the Value of Data. Be Efficient and Monetize your SaaS.

Software products are transitioning to services and SaaS is everywhere. Flexera enables you to provision users and their use rights directly in-app while keeping your monetization back office up-to-date with user and consumption data.

The subscription economy is here. It is a new way of running your software or device business – customer-oriented, service-driven and individualized. The Flexera software monetization platform enables you to manage subscriptions for SaaS, on-premises applications or packages of devices, software and services in IoT offerings.

  • Monetize SaaS
    Easily connect your SaaS apps to your monetization back office and provision users and use rights immediately. Provide an excellent user experience while keeping your central monetization back office up to date with usage data.
  • Manage subscriptions
    Provide customer-centric offerings- based on usage insight and align price with value. Define the right metrics, measure accordingly and capture consumption data as a basis for billing. And enable subscription transparency – show usage back to your customers and create trust and reliability in your software supply chain.
  • Support the whole customer lifecycle
    Track and manage entitlements and provide customers with self-services. Find out which customers are successful and help them grow. See which ones are not getting enough value yet and help them succeed. Manage renewals proactively and provide customers with insight and transparency.

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