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Nobody Beats DirectConnect™

Not all SaaS optimization platforms are alike — we guarantee it.

Flexera SaaS Manager offers the largest corpus of direct integrations that provide unparalleled business intelligence about when and how your users are interacting with the SaaS products you own. DirectConnect means that we connect directly to your SaaS vendors, as opposed to only piggy backing on a single-sign-on (SSO) identity provider. That's not to say we don't support SSO integration. By plugging in your SSO vendor, we support an additional 6,000+ applications. However, DirectConnect integrations allow you to go beyond just counting logins and begin to understand real ROI and true impact of SaaS application usage within your organization.

Gain visibility into answers to questions such as these and many more:

  • What are users doing in the products that we have purchased?
  • Are specific components of a software suite used more than others?
  • Are we paying for features or products that are unnecessary?

We encourage you to explore other software-as-a-service optimization platforms. But do know that no other SaaS optimization platform offers nearly as many direct integrations as Flexera SaaS Manager. No other SaaS optimization platform offers the depth of meaningful insights to your business.

Our portfolio of now more than 200 DirectConnect integrations continues to grow. If there’s a popular SaaS application you can’t find here, chances are – the DirectConnect integration is underway. Be sure to contact us so we can demonstrate the DirectConnect advantage.

Through DirectConnect integrations, Flexera SaaS Manager augments SSO user account authentication, discovering users even when they do not exist in the SSO solution.

  • 15five Integration 15five


    Usage Reporting & License Management For 15five

    15five provides small and midsized businesses with lightweight, easy to use performance management solutions that aligns business goals with talent. Application combines employee objectives, pulse surveys, peer recognition, and feedback into weekly check-ins.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://www.15five.com/

  • Accelo Integration Accelo


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Accelo

    Accelo automates professional service businesses using integrated cloud-based technologies to run sales, projects & time billing in one platform. Through an integrated platform designed specifically for professional services, Accelo solves the chaos, confusion and frustration associated with running these businesses.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.accelo.com/

  • Active Directory (On Premise) Integration Active Directory (On Premise)

    Active Directory (On Premise)

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Active Directory (On Premise)

    Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft for Windows Server.Microsoft Active Directory is the one and only on-premise tool supported by Flexera SaaS Manager. The Flexera SaaS Manager on premise agent synchronizes required fields from your AD instance to our cloud in order to identify suspicious accounts across vendors.

    Categories: Identity / IAM

    Website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/windows-server

  • ActiveCampaign Integration ActiveCampaign


    Usage Reporting & License Management For ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign allows users to send targeted campaigns, nurture your contacts, and automate sales & marketing processes. ActiveCampaign is an intelligent platform that makes it easy to leverage marketing automation by design sophisticated, automated marketing processes that save time and generate additional revenue for your company.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: http://www.activecampaign.com/

  • Adobe Sign Integration Adobe Sign

    Adobe Sign

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Adobe Sign

    Adobe Sign is an enterprise e-signing solution that accelerates signature-based processes by as much as 80%. Send, sign, track and manage documents with ease from your website browser or favorite business application. With turnkey integrations for a broad range of business systems and industry-leading deployment methodologies, Sign smoothly plugs into existing software and processes.

    Categories: Collaboration

    Website: https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/sign.html

  • Adobe Captivate Prime Integration Adobe Captivate Prime

    Adobe Captivate Prime

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Adobe Captivate Prime

    Adobe Captivate Prime is a web-based learning management system that offers multiple learning styles and course formats, unified playback of most eLearning content types, gamification, mobile and offline access, and more.

    Categories: Education

    Website: http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate.html

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud is a software as a service offering from Adobe Systems that gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

    Categories: Design Collaboration

    Website: http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html

  • Aha! Labs Integration Aha! Labs

    Aha! Labs

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Aha! Labs

    Aha! is a product roadmap software that helps businesses of all sizes define product development strategies and monitor development progress. The application provides robust communication tools to share updates like task completion, delivery update or product releases as well as in-depth analytics to self-evaluate the achievements and challenges of a project.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning Collaboration

    Website: https://www.aha.io/

  • Aircall Integration Aircall


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Aircall

    Aircall is a next generation cloud-based call center software that allows small and medium businesses to deploy their phone operations in minutes. Aircall customers are able to set up a phone system with just a few clicks, provide local numbers in over 40 countries and integrate their phone channel with essential CRMs and Helpdesk in order to seamlessly streamline workflow and enhance the way support and sales teams interact with their customers.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://aircall.io/

  • Amazon Web Services Integration Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services provide on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis with a free-tier option available for 12 months. The technology allows subscribers to have at their disposal a full-fledged virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the internet. AWS's version of virtual computers have most of the attributes of a real computer including hardware (CPU(s) & GPU(s) for processing, local/RAM memory, hard-disk/SSD storage); a choice of operating systems; networking; and pre-loaded application software such as web servers, databases, CRM, etc.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://aws.amazon.com/

  • AppDynamics Integration AppDynamics


    Usage Reporting & License Management For AppDynamics

    AppDynamics allows users to monitor, automate, and analyze every business transaction. 24/7 visibility and management of entire application environment. Monitor user, application, and infrastructure platforms and technologies including: Android, iOS, Browser, Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, Servers and Networks.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.appdynamics.com/

  • AppsFlyer Integration AppsFlyer


    Usage Reporting & License Management For AppsFlyer

    Mobile App Tracking & Attribution Analytics platform that helps App-Developers, Brands and Ad-Agencies track and optimize their users' acquisition funnel. Data-driven marketers rely on AppsFlyer for independent measurement solutions and innovative tools to grow their mobile business. AppsFlyer’s platform processes billions of mobile actions every day, empowering app marketers and developers to maximize the return on their marketing investments.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics Marketing

    Website: https://www.appsflyer.com/

  • Asana Integration Asana


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Asana

    Asana is a task and project management solution where teams or individuals can create projects and tasks within these projects that can be assigned and shared throughout the organization. Users can share, plan, organize, and track the progress of projects in one comprehensive workspace

    Categories: Project Management & Planning Collaboration

    Website: https://www.asana.com/

  • Avalara Integration Avalara


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Avalara

    Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including VAT, sales tax, excise tax, communications tax, and other tax types.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting

    Website: https://www.avalara.com/

  • Backlog Integration Backlog


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Backlog

    "Backlog is an all-in-one project management tool for developers and their teams with capabilities such as issue tracking, version control and wiki on a single platform. Core features include projects, burndown charts, Gantt charts, issues, watchlists, subtasking, comment threads, file sharing and bug tracking. The platform is intuitive for non-developers and can be accessed while on the go via mobile app for Android and iOS. Backlog helps users prioritize and manage tasks within projects through collaboration across teams and to-do lists, while tracking overall progress. Users can communicate project updates, discuss plans, and submit work requests to teams, and securely share files, from legal documents to web design work. Backlog helps keep users up to date on overall project status and provides cumulative summaries and individual milestone tracking."

    Categories: Project Management & Planning Collaboration

    Website: https://backlogtool.com/

  • Badger Maps Integration Badger Maps

    Badger Maps

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Badger Maps

    Badger Map is software for businesses that helps sales people be more efficient and sell more. The product allows sales reps to map their customer data from their CRM, integrate with their calendar, plan routes, find nearby leads from internet data sources. Focused on the mobile sales person, the Badger Map is available as a native iOS app, or a browser based app.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: https://www.badgermapping.com

  • Balsamiq Integration Balsamiq


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Balsamiq

    Balsamiq Mockups allows software designers and developers build great software by letting them easily sketch out their ideas, then quickly collaborate and iterate over them. Mockups offers the same speed and rough feel as sketching with a pencil, but with the advantage of the digital medium: enlarging containers is just a drag operation, rearranging elements doesn’t require starting over, and your wireframes will be clear enough that you’ll be able to make sense of them tomorrow.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://balsamiq.com/

  • BambooHR Integration BambooHR


    Usage Reporting & License Management For BambooHR

    BambooHR is a human resources software service for small and midsize businesses. BambooHR offers small and growing companies a human resource information system that includes an applicant tracking system and HRIS tools to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.bamboohr.com

  • Bananatag Integration Bananatag


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Bananatag

    Bananatag, an email tracking service, notifies its users when their contacts view or click-through the emails sent to them. The email analytics and reports show the open and click-through rates, along with the viewed date, location, and device details. They can be viewed as metrics overview, open insights, and click insights. Bananatag allows companies to link different user accounts with centralized billing in order to manage and monitor their teams’ email performances through team reports and team analytics. It also enables integration with Google Analytics and helps businesses analyze the traffic driven to their websites and the revenue generated through the use of the team email services.

    Categories: Operations Management Sales

    Website: http://www.bananatag.com

  • Base CRM Integration Base CRM

    Base CRM

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Base CRM

    Base provides enterprise companies with an all-in-one sales platform eliminates the need for multiple sales point solutions by providing businesses with tools for email, phone dialing, lead scoring, forecasting, reporting and more.

    Categories: Sales Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://getbase.com/

  • Basecamp Integration Basecamp


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Basecamp

    Basecamp is a simple, visual project management tool that allows for the organization of both internal team projects, as well as client projects. Customers can choose to restrict permissions and views for project items, as well as entire projects which allows for both internal team and external client accesses and collaboration. Flexera SaaS Manager supports Basecamp 3 only.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://basecamp.com/

  • Beanstalk Integration Beanstalk


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Beanstalk

    Using Version Control on Beanstalk helps your entire team get involved with the development process. Import or create Subversion and Git repositories that are instantly available to your team.

    Categories: Developer Tools

    Website: https://beanstalkapp.com/

  • IBM Blueworks Live Integration IBM Blueworks Live

    IBM Blueworks Live

    Usage Reporting & License Management For IBM Blueworks Live

    IBM Blueworks Live is a business process modeller, belonging under the set of IBM SmartCloud applications. The application is designed to help organizations discover and document their business processes, business decisions and policies in a collaborative manner. It is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, while still having the capabilities to implement more complex models

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics Collaboration

    Website: https://www.blueworkslive.com/home

  • Box Integration Box


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Box

    Box works in any browser and allows for storage and management of content online. It allows users to share files instantly and access documents from anywhere. Box also makes it easy for administrators to maintain a central view of all content and users in their account through the Box admin console.

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://www.box.com/

  • BrandsEye Integration BrandsEye


    Usage Reporting & License Management For BrandsEye

    BrandsEye tracks all online conversations about an organization or event; and is used to identify real-time strategic risks and opportunities. The process is fully automated to ensure no on-going time investment is required and this, combined with our full Reputation Consulting offering, offers organizations real insight into how they are perceived, which opportunities to embrace and how to manage crisis situations.

    Website: http://www.brandseye.com

  • Brightcove Integration Brightcove


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Brightcove

    The Brightcove Video Cloud platform offers various features and functionalities such as uploading and encoding, content management, video player technology, multi-platform video, live video streaming, distribution and syndication, social media, advertising and monetization, and analytics. Services include: Brightcove Once, a cloud-based ad insertion and video stitching service, which addresses the limitations of traditional online video ad insertion technology; Brightcove Gallery, a cloud-based service that enables customers to create and publish video portals; Brightcove Perform, a cloud-based service for creating and managing video player experiences; and Brightcove Video Marketing Suite, a suite of video technologies designed to address the needs of marketers to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.brightcove.com/en/

  • BrightEdge Integration BrightEdge


    Usage Reporting & License Management For BrightEdge

    BrightEdge platform combines SEO and business metrics into one-click reports, provides actionable recommendations on the best opportunities to gain share of organic search traffic, enabling SEO managers and experts to focus their efforts for maximum impact.

    Categories: SEO/SEM

    Website: https://www.brightedge.com/

  • Cacoo Integration Cacoo


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Cacoo

    "Cacoo is an online diagram and collaboration tool for businesses to create sitemaps, flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, mockups, and more. By utilizing and customizing a wide range of in-built templates, or building from scratch, users can create diagrams individually or as a team for brainstorming, workflow management, and project planning. Using Cacoo’s multi-user workspace, teams of employees can collaborate in real time with features including synchronous editing, version tracking and feedback commenting. Multiple versions of diagrams can be saved by team members in order to retain and track a history of changes, and comments can be added directly to diagrams for actionable feedback or recommendations. "

    Categories: Design Collaboration

    Website: https://cacoo.com/

  • CallRail Integration CallRail


    Usage Reporting & License Management For CallRail

    CallRail assigns unique forwarding phone numbers to each of a user's marketing campaigns, the CallRail app tells you which campaign is driving the most calls to your business. But it’s not just quantity of calls, it’s quality. CallRail's CallScore feature uses machine learning and data to analyze every call to automatically tell which calls are a good lead and where they are coming from.

    Categories: Marketing Sales

    Website: https://www.callrail.com

  • Centrify Integration Centrify


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Centrify

    Centrify protects against the leading point of attack used in data breaches — the password, protects end users and privileged users by stopping the breach at multiple points in the cyberthreat chain, and secures access to apps and infrastructure across your boundaryless hybrid enterprise through the power of identity services

    Categories: Identity / IAM IT Management

    Website: https://www.centrify.com/

  • FireAMP Integration FireAMP


    Usage Reporting & License Management For FireAMP

    "Cisco FireAMP for endpoints is next-generation endpoint security. Prevent breaches, continuously monitor all file behavior to uncover stealthy attacks, detect, block, and remediate advanced malware across all endpoints, and do it all fast and automatically."

    Categories: Security IT Management

    Website: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/amp-for-endpoints/index.html

  • Clearslide Integration Clearslide


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Clearslide

    ClearSlide is a sales communications platform that provides a fully web-based service designed specifically for the communication needs of sales teams.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: https://www.clearslide.com/

  • Cloud Elements  Integration Cloud Elements

    Cloud Elements

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Cloud Elements

    Cloud Elements is an API integration and management platform which offers over 115 pre-built integrations as uniform RESTful APIs. Integrations are organized into ‘API Hubs’ or categories of services. Each category is accessible through a uniform, REST API, cutting down on the amount of time you spend building integrations. Use API Hubs to offer an integration marketplace to your customers or to aggregate data internally.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://cloud-elements.com/

  • Cloudability Integration Cloudability


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Cloudability

    Cloudability is the first financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing every cloud expense across any organization. It brings transparency to how and where organizations spend money on cloud resources, giving them the power to reap the most value from cloud usage possible. It aggregates expenditures into accessible and comprehensive reports, helps identify new opportunities for reducing spend and increasing cloud efficiency, offers budget alerts and recommendations via SMS and email, provides APIs for connecting cloud billing and usage data to any business or financial system, and more.

    Categories: IT Management Finance & Accounting

    Website: http://cloudability.com

  • Cloudflare Integration Cloudflare


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Cloudflare

    Cloudflare speeds up and accelerates your site by distributing content around the world then delivering it using the fattest pipes and the best protocols. By using HTTP/2 with an SPDY fallback, Cloudflare can deliver content rapidly to your end users. Using 79 data centers (and growing) around the world, Cloudflare can ensure your content is never too far away from your end user. Through Railgun, Cloudflare can eliminate costly delays caused by the speed of light when distributing dynamic content.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics Security

    Website: https://www.cloudflare.com/

  • CloudSponge Integration CloudSponge


    Usage Reporting & License Management For CloudSponge

    CloudSponge provides software-as-a-service that handles address book importing from all major sources (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN/Live/Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, OS X Address Book, and more). API wrappers are provided in all popular programming languages for simple integration for customers that prefer to use the API.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: http://www.cloudsponge.com

  • CoderPad Integration CoderPad


    Usage Reporting & License Management For CoderPad

    CoderPad is primarily used for interviewing technilogy personelle and lets interviewers instantly write and execute code collaboratively with an interviewee, right in the browser.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://coderpad.io/

  • Confluence  Integration Confluence


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Confluence

    Atlassian Confluence offers one place to create, evolve, and capture all team documents. It provides a way for teams to effectively get work done by providing the tools to create and document everything from blogs, to meeting notes, to product requirements–all in one place.

    Categories: Collaboration

    Website: https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence

  • CoSchedule Integration CoSchedule


    Usage Reporting & License Management For CoSchedule

    CoSchedule allows users to build out their entire marketing strategy from one master calendar, collaborate with their teams, and streamline their entire execution process in one place. Create unified workflows for every project with CoSchedule’s drag + drop calendar. Sync your teams inside a collaborative, cross-functional calendar for social, content, email, events, and more.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://coschedule.com/

  • Code 42 CrashPlan Integration Code 42 CrashPlan

    Code 42 CrashPlan

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Code 42 CrashPlan

    "Code42 CrashPlan is an automatic, off-site back up product for enterprise. CrashPlan offers on-demand scalability with contained maintenance costs. Data is encrypted and securely backed up to CrashPlan central. With Code42 CrashPlan, companies can protect end-user data in a single repository. CrashPlan enables enterprises to silently and continuously back up all end-user data whilst enjoying complete control and visibility from a single, secure platform. See all the most important information about your back ups at a glance; when the next back up is scheduled, how much is left, when the last back up was completed and how much data was included."

    Categories: Security IT Management

    Website: https://www.code42.com/

  • Databricks Integration Databricks


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Databricks

    Databricks’ mission is to accelerate innovation for its customers by unifying Data Science, Engineering and Business. Databricks provides a Unified Analytics Platform for data science teams to collaborate with data engineering and lines of business to build data products. Users achieve faster time-to-value with Databricks by creating analytic workflows that go from ETL and interactive exploration to production.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: http://databricks.com

  • DataDog Integration DataDog


    Usage Reporting & License Management For DataDog

    Datadog presents an integrated view of the tools and services used by IT teams across development and operations, and delivering the right insights to the relevant team members. Datadog is built to aggregate data from other applications, cloud providers and specialized management tools, covering the full lifecycle from code change to deployment to monitoring alert with a consistent data model and experience from end-to-end.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.datadoghq.com/

  • Faronics Deep Freeze Integration Faronics Deep Freeze

    Faronics Deep Freeze

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Faronics Deep Freeze

    Deep Freeze, by Faronics, is a software application available for the Microsoft Windows, and macOS operating systems which allows system administrators to protect the core operating system and configuration files on a workstation or server by restoring a computer back to the saved configuration, each time the computer is restarted.

    Categories: IT Management Security

    Website: http://www.faronics.com/products/deep-freeze

  • Deputy Integration Deputy


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Deputy

    Deputy is the ultimate workforce manager, offering a cloud-based solution that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and employee communication. Deputy equips business managers with the tools they need to get out of the back office and into the action.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management Operations Management

    Website: https://www.deputy.com/

  • DigitalOcean Integration DigitalOcean


    Usage Reporting & License Management For DigitalOcean

    DigitalOcean is an IaaS company that delivers the fastest and easiest way for developers and businesses to deploy and scale any application in the cloud. With a laser focus on simplifying the end-user experience, DigitalOcean accelerates software development so developers spend more time building features and less time managing their infrastructure.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: http://www.digitalocean.com

  • Docker Cloud Integration Docker Cloud

    Docker Cloud

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Docker Cloud

    Docker Cloud is an application development solution and hosted registry service that allows users to build and test Dockerized application images. The platform provides tools that help users set up and manage a host infrastructure, alongside application lifecycle features that enable users to automate the deployment (and redeployment) of services created from images.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.docker.com/

  • DocuSign Integration DocuSign


    Usage Reporting & License Management For DocuSign

    DocuSign operates a cloud-based electronic signature platform that helps small- and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and individuals collect information, automate data workflows, and sign on various devices. DocuSign automates manual and paper-based processes and allows users to manage authentication, digital signature, forms and data collection, collaboration, and workflow automation and storage.

    Categories: Collaboration Legal & Law

    Website: https://www.docusign.com/

  • Domo Integration Domo


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Domo

    Domo is an open, self-service platform that brings together data, people, and insights that executives need to find answers to critical business questions and make faster, better-informed decisions to improve business performance. Domo connects to all the data, whether it’s in spreadsheets, social platforms, MySQL or Salesforce and allows users to filter, combine, and personalize data into visual dashboards

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.domo.com/

  • DropBox Integration DropBox


    Usage Reporting & License Management For DropBox

    Dropbox is a free, off-site server for file sharing and storage. It allows users to sync files online and across devices automatically. Add, edit, erase and then access them on secure servers from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android & Windows Phone).

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://www.dropbox.com/

  • Egnyte Integration Egnyte


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Egnyte

    Whether leveraging local storage or using the cloud, Egnyte combines security, scalability and control for IT with intuitive file sharing for users. Get enterprise file sharing without rogue cloud providers, VPN hassles, or security holes. Achieve in-the-office performance with powerful collaboration using any device.

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://www.egnyte.com/

  • Employee Navigator Integration Employee Navigator

    Employee Navigator

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Employee Navigator

    Employee Navigator is simplifying the delivery of employee benefits for everyone. Employee Navigator is redesigning the enrollment experience for brokers, HR and employees alike—from pricing to service models to user experiences.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: http://www.employeenavigator.com

  • Engagio Integration Engagio


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Engagio

    Over-automation is killing the effectiveness of both marketing and sales. Engagio is building software that helps Account Based Marketing and Sales Development teams and their potential and existing customers feel human again by enabling teams to measure account engagement and orchestrate human connections at scale.

    Categories: Sales Marketing

    Website: http://www.engagio.com

  • Envoy Integration Envoy


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Envoy

    Envoy is a guest registration app for iPad that offers unlimited visitors, digital signature capture, and transaction processing with support for various hardware. Envoy handles all aspects of guest check-in, including pre-registration. The application allows users to capture signatures and sign legally binding agreements (NDAs) with guests. Envoy can print guest and employee badges. The app is customizable, with more customizable fields in the Premium and Enterprise versions. Those versions of the application also feature Box and Salesforce integrations.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://envoy.com

  • Eventboard Integration Eventboard


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Eventboard

    Eventboard is a application that allows users to book last-minute meetings, use interactive floor maps to see which rooms are available, make new room reservations, report problems with meeting room tech and equipment, change settings for any display and use privacy settings to choose which information to display

    Categories: Marketing Operations Management

    Website: https://teem.com/

  • ExaVault Integration ExaVault


    Usage Reporting & License Management For ExaVault

    ExaVault is the largest dedicated S/FTP provider in the world, and combines secure business file transfer with a powerful FTP/SFTP platform, allowing businesses to use the same system for both modern and traditional file transfer workflows.

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://www.exavault.com/

  • Expensify Integration Expensify


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Expensify

    Expensify’s expense management service does expense reports by importing expenses and receipts from credit cards and emails in conjunction with the Expensify mobile app to take pictures of receipts. Expense reimbursement can be done in-product through ACH Direct Deposit or by exporting reports to a payroll solution. Expensify's patented SmartScan technology reads receipts and automatically creates expenses or matches them to transactions imported from a credit card.Using our direct integration you can directly import Expensify transactions to identify Shadow IT in your organization. Simply click and begin enjoying better governance!

    Categories: Finance & Accounting

    Website: http://use.expensify.com

  • Exponea Integration Exponea


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Exponea

    Exponea helps businesses get maximum value from collecting, analysing, and acting upon customer interactions. The platform delivers one-on-one customer experience in just a few days and allows marketers to run, automate, and evaluate campaigns independent of their IT departments.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://exponea.com/

  • Fastly Integration Fastly


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Fastly

    Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN) that focuses on helping companies deliver dynamic content to their users faster. Fastly's platform enhances web and mobile delivery by accelerating dynamic assets and caching unpredictably changing content, reducing origin traffic and saving on infrastructure and egress costs.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.fastly.com/

  • SAP Fieldglass Integration SAP Fieldglass

    SAP Fieldglass

    Usage Reporting & License Management For SAP Fieldglass

    SAP Fieldglass is a software company providing a cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage services procurement and external workforce management programs. Its platform helps organizations transform how they manage talent across multiple channels

    Categories: Operations Management

    Website: http://www.fieldglass.com/

  • Float Integration Float


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Float

    Float is a resource scheduling app that helps you keep track of who's working on what and when.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.float.com/

  • FreeAgent Integration FreeAgent


    Usage Reporting & License Management For FreeAgent

    "FreeAgent’s online accounting software brings everything together, from invoice and expense management to VAT, payroll and self assessment tax return filing. Any changes you make automatically update your accounts, giving you complete visibility of your income and expenses and showing your real-time profit position. It is easy to get things done quickly with FreeAgent on your smartphone, tablet or laptop - add expenses after your lunch meeting, send invoices on the train, check your profits in the park. Spend less time sitting down to do the admin and more time focusing on your business. You can easily collaborate with your accountant or business adviser in your FreeAgent account whilst working remotely. There are also an unlimited number of users permitted for each account - you choose who to give access to, and what permissions they have."

    Categories: Finance & Accounting

    Website: https://www.freeagent.com/

  • Freshdesk Integration Freshdesk


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Freshdesk

    "Freshdesk is a full-fledged cloud based customer support solution that offers everything a business needs to deliver exceptional support. Unlike competing products with steep pricing tiers and hidden strings, Freshdesk is priced affordably, and is free forever for the first three agents. Built with an emphasis on usability, Freshdesk is completely customizable and offers all the tools a company needs to wow its customers - robust multichannel capability, integrated game mechanics to supercharge agent productivity, smart automations and a lot more."

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://freshdesk.com/

  • Freshworks Integration Freshworks


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Freshworks

    Freshworks creates solutions for support and sales, to engage with and delight both customers and employees.

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.freshworks.com/

  • FrontApp Integration FrontApp


    Usage Reporting & License Management For FrontApp

    Front is an email management software for teams that integrates with the tools already in use such as Salesforce, Slack, Trello, etc. With Front, users can assign messages to teammates, write comments for internal collaboration or set reminders to respond later. Front also gives you analytics data to track efficiency.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://frontapp.com/

  • FullContact Integration FullContact


    Usage Reporting & License Management For FullContact

    FullContact is an online contact management solution with a suite of apps for desktop and mobile devices. Targeting professionals and enterprises, scaling from 5-25 thousand contacts, it all starts from centralizing information within a single space. FullContact pulls in existing contact data, storing it safely and securely while providing greater access to valuable connections. From here, these crucial person profiles are kept as up-to-date and relevant as possible with monthly or daily updates. By monitoring public social media and photos, FullContact’s activity log feature keeps watch, feeding new information back into stored contact profiles.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://www.fullcontact.com/

  • FullStory Integration FullStory


    Usage Reporting & License Management For FullStory

    FullStory uses a single snippet of Java to record, analyze, search, and play back all user experiences for your website, even the most sophisticated mobile and dynamic web apps. Seeing exactly what your users see unlocks a powerful new understanding of how to grow your business by dramatically improving your product and taking better care of your customers.

    Categories: Marketing Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: http://www.fullstory.com

  • GatherContent Integration GatherContent


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GatherContent

    GatherContent is a content management and development platform that streamlines the way you gather and organize your client's content. Web designers and developers can use the app as a single repository to centralize, collaborate on and approve all client content prior to moving it to the CRM. Users can define the architecture of the site structure by adding pages, and then adding fields to each page. You can then assign clients to the content sections they are responsible for and collaborate with them on the content they upload.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning Design

    Website: https://gathercontent.com/

  • Geckoboard Integration Geckoboard


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Geckoboard

    Geckoboard is a tool for aggregating, visualising and sharing the key data that drives your business. Pull together data from 80+ different services to build your own custom dashboard that communicates the numbers that matter - beautifully, simply and in real time.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.geckoboard.com/

  • Gemfury Integration Gemfury


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Gemfury

    Gemfury is a hosted repository for public and private packages, where they are safe and within reach. Users can install them to any machine in minutes without worrying about running and securing their own repository server.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://gemfury.com/

  • GenieBelt Integration GenieBelt


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GenieBelt

    GenieBelt is a web and mobile project management platform for project, site and construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, design teams and clients. The solution - accessible on desktop as well as mobile devices - connects back office teams with those onsite and provides all parties with a real-time overview of construction project progress via interactive Gantt charts.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://geniebelt.com/

  • GitHub Integration GitHub


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GitHub

    GitHub is a collaborative coding platform where individuals and teams can write and access open source code.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://github.com/

  • Gliffy Integration Gliffy


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Gliffy

    With Gliffy you can create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings and more.

    Categories: Design

    Website: https://www.gliffy.com

  • GoToAssist Integration GoToAssist


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GoToAssist

    GoToAssist provides a remote support solution for IT managers and technicians to access and control devices remotely, carry out in-session chat, transfer files and remotely configure and reboot devices. GoToAssist provides you with the ability to collaborate and share tasks with team members by inviting other support technicians to sessions and transferring remote support sessions to other reps. The Management Center allows you to assign tasks, permissions and access to multiple technicians. Each rep can support up to 8 customers at a time. Technicians can also use the app to access and control unattended devices to fix problems even when an end user is not present. Furthermore, GoToAssist offers session reporting and session recording to track time spent on tasks and keep audit trails.

    Categories: IT Management Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://get.gotoassist.com/

  • GoToMeeting Integration GoToMeeting


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GoToMeeting

    GoToMeeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues of up to 25 people in real time.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://www.gotomeeting.com/

  • GoToTraining Integration GoToTraining


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GoToTraining

    GoToTraining is a web-based training solution, sitting alongside related online apps in the Citrix range, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. Catering for both remote and hybrid learning scenarios, the product offers users of all levels an emphasis on engaging session attendees with collaboration features powered by exclusive technology. Hybrid instructor-lead training includes integrated YouTube and Vimeo video sharing alongside the ability to show remote learners a live, real-time image of the class whiteboard. Quickly conduct, quizzes, tests and polls to keep students on their toes and gauge performance or capture feedback. Built-in video conferencing, hand raising and chat tools all help to keep participants connected, while the useful breakout session feature allows smaller class groups to seamlessly splinter off and rejoin the proceedings later.

    Categories: Education

    Website: https://www.gotomeeting.com/training

  • GoToWebinar Integration GoToWebinar


    Usage Reporting & License Management For GoToWebinar

    GoToWebinar is a collaboration tool you can use to conduct "do-it-yourself" webinars, from your PC or Mac, with up to 1,000 people. You can set up a webinar in minutes, without IT support, and start generating qualified marketing leads. GoToWebinar features the GoToMeeting audio conferencing (via computer and telephone) app. Webinars are used for marketing purposes. You can generate and nurture leads by educating your target market, reach prospects in a wider geographic area or invite guest speakers to endorse your product.

    Categories: Communications Collaboration

    Website: https://www.gotomeeting.com/webinar

  • Google Analytics Integration Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics analysis can identify poorly performing pages with techniques such as funnel visualization, where visitors came from (referrers), how long they stayed and their geographical position, etc.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.google.com/analytics/

  • Google Adsense Integration Google Adsense

    Google Adsense

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Google Adsense

    Google Adsense allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.google.com/adsense/

  • Google G Suite Integration Google G Suite

    Google G Suite

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Google G Suite

    Google's G-Suite is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products. G-Suite comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and, depending on the plan, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://gsuite.google.com/together/

  • Help Scout Integration Help Scout

    Help Scout

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Help Scout

    Help Scout allows users to create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address enabling employees to work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products/brands from a single account. The product also measures team performance, spots trends to prevent issues, and monitors customer happiness.

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: http://www.helpscout.com/

  • Heroku Integration Heroku


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Heroku

    Heroku is a cloud platform as a service that supports several programming languages and is used as a web application deployment model. The platform that lets developers build, run and scale applications in a similar manner across all the languages.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://dashboard.heroku.com/login

  • HighCharts Cloud Integration HighCharts Cloud

    HighCharts Cloud

    Usage Reporting & License Management For HighCharts Cloud

    Highcharts Cloud is built on top of Highcharts JS, a JavaScript API for developers to easily create interactive online charts.

    Categories: Design Collaboration

    Website: https://www.highcharts.com/

  • Highspot Integration Highspot


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Highspot

    Highspot is a modern sales enablement platform that closes the loop between sales and marketing to create more effective sales engagements. By empowering sales with the right content at the right, sales and marketing teams can create a transformative relationship that drives business growth.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: https://www.highspot.com/

  • Hightail Integration Hightail


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Hightail

    Hightail addresses the problems of creative collaboration and visual project management between teams of creative professionals and their clients and other stakeholders.

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://www.hightail.com/

  • HipChat Integration HipChat


    Usage Reporting & License Management For HipChat

    HipChat is an instant messaging app built for businesses. The team chat tool lets you share files and discuss tasks in real-time with colleagues, project collaborators and even clients through unlimited chatrooms. Administrator controls mean you can choose who has access to the secure network and what they can see.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://www.hipchat.com/

  • Hockey App Integration Hockey App

    Hockey App

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Hockey App

    Hockey App provides mobile crash analytics and app distribution for developers building apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Hockey App offers fast and precise crash reporting across platforms

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://hockeyapp.net/

  • HubSpot Integration HubSpot


    Usage Reporting & License Management For HubSpot

    HubSpot CRM has been designed to eliminate manual work and help sales teams. HubSpot CRM takes care of all the little details - logging emails, recording calls, and managing data - in an intuitive manner, freeing up valuable selling time.

    Categories: Sales Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://www.hubspot.com/

  • Hubstaff Integration Hubstaff


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Hubstaff

    Hubstaff is a program that makes time tracking easy with features like screenshots, activity monitoring, automatic payroll, advanced reports, real time tracking and GPS. Both online and offline tracking capabilities. Also available for Apple, Windows, Linux and iOS. Integrates with 30+ popular tools, like Trello, Asana, Podio and PayPal. Hubstaff is ideal for remote teams, SMBs and consultants/freelancers. It is trusted and used by over 8,000 remote teams. No matter how many projects or different teams you have, they can all be under the same account, in separate projects. Also, different employees can have different settings and permissions.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://hubstaff.com/

  • iContact Integration iContact


    Usage Reporting & License Management For iContact

    iContact is a marketing automation software with tools and services for online marketing teams. The platform integrates email marketing, landing pages, social media management, and analytics in a simple and comprehensive cloud-based solution. iContact Pro was built to work with organizations of all sizes, simplifying marketing automation and requiring no complicated implementation.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.icontact.com/

  • Insightly Integration Insightly


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Insightly

    Insightly is a cloud application used to manage customer interactions, leads, opportunities, proposals and projects over the web and on mobile devices. The Insightly platform offers integrations to Google Apps, Office 365, MailChimp, and major social media sites; great mobile apps for tablets and smart phones; and easy access to a REST API for custom integration.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.insightly.com/

  • Instapage Integration Instapage


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Instapage

    Instapage is the most powerful landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies. Instapage enables businesses to offer personalized experiences for every promotion to maximize ROI. The Instapage platform has five tools that provide an end-to-end solution: landing page builder, integrations ecosystem, publishing tools, optimization/analytics system, and a team/client collaboration layer. Instapage provides the only collaboration solution for streamlining the design review process.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://instapage.com/

  • Intacct Integration Intacct


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Intacct

    Intacct's product offerings include accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, inventory, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Internet via cloud computing. Featuring superior, deep financial applications and delivering unmatched business visibility, Intacct helps you automate processes, reduce cycle times and speed your financial close while improving compliance and transparency.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting

    Website: https://us.intacct.com/

  • InVision Integration InVision


    Usage Reporting & License Management For InVision

    InVision is a product design platform that focuses on the dynamics of collaboration. The application allows designers to prototype, review, refine, manage and user test web and mobile products. Upload your design files and add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: http://www.invisionapp.com

  • Iterable Integration Iterable


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Iterable

    Iterable lets B2C marketers plan and execute sophisticated, real-time multi-channel campaigns. Iterable's segmentation engine works across any field or criteria and scales to tens or even hundreds of millions of users. Templates are fully customizable and can contain logic via HandlebarsJS, as well as bring in external data via data feeds. Iterable's workflow builder lets marketers build powerful workflows in minutes and without any code. These workflows can react to any user actions and include delays, triggers, filters and much more, all working seamlessly across email, mobile push notifications and SMS.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://iterable.com/

  • Jama Software Integration Jama Software

    Jama Software

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Jama Software

    The Jama product delivery platform helps companies bring complex products to market. By involving every person invested in the organization’s success, the Jama platform provides a structured collaboration environment, empowering everyone with instant and comprehensive insight into what they are building and why.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning Collaboration

    Website: http://www.jamasoftware.com

  • JazzHR Integration JazzHR


    Usage Reporting & License Management For JazzHR

    JazzHR takes the hassle out of hiring, by replacing time-consuming tasks like email and spreadsheets with a powerful and easy to use applicant tracking system that organizes all of your information in one, centralized place.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.jazzhr.com/

  • Jetbrains Hub Integration Jetbrains Hub

    Jetbrains Hub

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Jetbrains Hub

    Jetbrains hub allows administrators to manage users across Upsource, YouTrack and TeamCity installations, use a centralized dashboard for a quick overview of relevant commits, issues, or tests. Conduct administrative support for groups and permissions and manage licenses between Upsource and YouTrack.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics Collaboration

    Website: https://www.jetbrains.com/hub/

  • Jira Integration Jira


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Jira

    JIRA is a tool developed by Atlassian. It is used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. Jira is used primarily to track issues, and bugs related to software and mobile apps. It is also used for project management. The JIRA dashboard consists of many useful functions and features which make handling of issues easy.

    Categories: Developer Tools Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira

  • Jive Software Integration Jive Software

    Jive Software

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Jive Software

    Jive provides an online collaboration space to share knowledge and documents, communicate with coworkers and search and find relevant content and people within a company. With Jive, users can assign tasks and see all project information in one place, including stakeholders, key assets and deadlines.

    Categories: Collaboration

    Website: https://www.jivesoftware.com/

  • Jobber Integration Jobber


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Jobber

    "Jobber is a cloud-based field service management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Designed and built to be fast to learn and easy to use, Jobber has all of the tools and flexible features needed for getting work done. Jobber is an ideal solution for businesses in field service industries such as plumbing, landscaping & lawn care, maid service, computer repair, HVAC, pest control electricians, handyman, carpet cleaning, and more. Jobber supports a wide variety of scheduled and unscheduled work flows, with both one off and recurring contract capabilities. Jobber's scheduling grid and map view ensure that teams are fully allocated and efficiently routed."

    Categories: Operations Management Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://getjobber.com/

  • JumpCloud Integration JumpCloud


    Usage Reporting & License Management For JumpCloud

    JumpCloud is a Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS), an Active Directory®. JumpCloud securely connects and manages employees, their devices and IT applications.

    Categories: Identity / IAM

    Website: https://jumpcloud.com/

  • Justworks Integration Justworks


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Justworks

    Justworks is a cloud-based HR solution that helps to manage employee benefits, payroll, government paperwork and other related functions. Justworks helps to manage payroll functions and can distinguish between full-time, part-time and hourly employees. Businesses can automatically manage wage payments at the end of each payroll cycle as well as track reimbursements and bonus payments. The software also helps in onboarding new joiners and offers tools to assist in entering deposit details, health insurance plans, and other data.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://justworks.com/

  • Keen Integration Keen


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Keen

    Keen is a web-based analytics and data visualization platform that provides data collection, data analysis and data visualization solutions to business intelligence professionals. The platform can be customized and integrated with various platforms and software by leveraging its Application Program Interface (API), Software Development Kit (SDK) and third-party integrations. Keen’s data analysis feature provides insights for all business requirements ranging from email analytics, product analytics, and growth analytics. Keen’s performance monitoring module allows professionals to extract real-time performance measures, monitor response time, and point-out errors.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://keen.io/

  • Klaviyo Integration Klaviyo


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Klaviyo

    Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing system that offers eCommerce companies a single and centralized platform from which to optimize email marketing campaigns. Incorporating one-click integrations, powerful segmentations, website tracking, ROI-based reporting, pre-built autoresponders, drag-and-drop email design, custom activity fields and 360° customer profiles, Klaviyo aims to provide users with a powerful yet simple email marketing solution.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.klaviyo.com/

  • Klipfolio Integration Klipfolio


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Klipfolio

    Klipfolio is a fully cloud dashboard application that enables real-time visibility into the data and KPIs behind a business in order to improve performance. Users can connect to hundreds of data sources online and offline, including: (a) web applications like Twitter, Moz and Google Analytics, (b) FTP and SFTP files from internal servers, and (c) files from your computer in formats such as Excel, CSV and XML. Once connected, data sources can be combined and manipulated with Excel like functions and basic math, to create custom metrics and data visualizations unique to each business.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.klipfolio.com/

  • LastPass Integration LastPass


    Usage Reporting & License Management For LastPass

    LastPass provides a central location from which you can manage all employee and company logins and passwords. Singing into LastPass gives a user access to their "vault" where they can save sites, edit the login details and auto-generate strong passwords.

    Categories: Security

    Website: https://www.lastpass.com/

  • LeadSquared Integration LeadSquared


    Usage Reporting & License Management For LeadSquared

    LeadSquared is a complete customer acquisition platform for businesses. It combines the features offered by both CRMs as well as Marketing Automation software, and thus brings Sales and Marketing teams on the same page.

    Categories: Marketing Sales

    Website: https://www.leadsquared.com/

  • LeanData Integration LeanData


    Usage Reporting & License Management For LeanData

    LeanData simplifies the complexity of the B2B sales process through lead management. LeanData’s strategic solution makes sales teams more efficient by matching leads to accounts and automatically routing them to the correct owner. A member of the Salesforce AppExchange, LeanData maximizes the value of every lead by providing richer insights into accounts so businesses can increase sales velocity and close more deals.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: http://www.leandatainc.com

  • LiveChat Integration LiveChat


    Usage Reporting & License Management For LiveChat

    LiveChat is a simple online chat solution that allows customer service agents to contact customers directly on their website. Within several minutes from signing up you will be able to help online visitors find what they need before they leave your site. LiveChat comes with a web chat window, simple to use agent applications, and analytics & reporting.

    Categories: Customer Service & Support Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://www.livechatinc.com/

  • Lob Integration Lob


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Lob

    Lob provides the building blocks for developers to automate the offline world. Enterprise companies use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media. Lob provides insight into deliverability with piece-by-piece tracing and utilizes their proprietary Print Delivery Network to streamline production across fully redundant nodes all over the country.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://lob.com/

  • LogMeIn Integration LogMeIn


    Usage Reporting & License Management For LogMeIn

    LogMeIn is a remote support tool that helps provide technical support to employees and customers.This application gives users a tool to seamlessly support customer request without needing to use pre-installed software or being on the same network.

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://secure.logmein.com/

  • Logz Integration Logz


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Logz

    Logz.io simplifies log analysis by using predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms to find and predict critical events in the volumes of information that is now constantly generated in IT environments by servers, applications, and network devices. Created by a Check Point veteran and a former algorithm engineer for the Israeli military, the enterprise-grade, cloud-based SaaS platform is built on top of ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) -- the world’s most popular open-source log analytics software stack -- and provides real-time access to data insights based on the collaborative knowledge of system administrators, DevOps engineers, and developers throughout the world.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: http://logz.io/

  • LucidChart Integration LucidChart


    Usage Reporting & License Management For LucidChart

    Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy. Quickly draw flowcharts, org charts, wireframes, UML, mind maps and more! Work together with an unlimited number of others to create diagrams in real time, with changes synced instantaneously--great for team collaboration and working with clients.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.lucidchart.com/

  • Mailgun Integration Mailgun


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Mailgun

    Mailgun is an email automation service built for developers. It offers a complete cloud-based email service for sending, receiving and tracking emails sent through your websites and applications. Mailgun's intelligent inbound routing and storage enables you to know exactly where your emails are ending up. It supports all of the most popular languages including PHP, Python, Ruby, C# and Java. Tracking & analytics features, including A/B testing enable you to track all emails and maximize their chances of avoiding spam filters and reaching inboxes.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.mailgun.com/

  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud collaboration tool that provides a private and secure space to store, share and edit files and documents, to connect dispersed teams using shared calendars, messaging and conferencing tools, and to improve brand experience using branded emails and online websites.

    Categories: File Storage Collaboration

    Website: https://www.office.com/

  • Monday.com Integration Monday.com


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Monday.com

    Monday.com (formerly Dapulse) is a multi-platform project management and collaboration tool that helps you centralize all communication and keep everyone engaged and focused. It helps plan and execute in the same place

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://monday.com/

  • MongoDB Integration MongoDB


    Usage Reporting & License Management For MongoDB

    MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Mongo is used for Ad Hoc queries, load balancing, replication, aggregation, file storage, and server side java execution

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.mongodb.com/

  • MuleSoft Integration MuleSoft


    Usage Reporting & License Management For MuleSoft

    MuleSoft is a software company that provides integration software for connecting applications, data and devices. The company provides an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) approach. MuleSoft provides APIhub, a directory that is designed to function as a social network for developers to share updates and information, currently covering more than 13,000 APIs. For consumers and developers, it provides a catalogue of APIs along with an interactive development environment for running basic queries. For API providers, it offers a publishing platform and various tools to automatically generate API documentation.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.mulesoft.com/

  • Mural Integration Mural


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Mural

    Mural improves productivity with the use of digital whiteboards. Users can visually organize ideas and collaborate with others remotely so they can brainstorm, design, and map content in a virtual workspace.

    Categories: Design

    Website: https://mural.co/

  • Muut Integration Muut


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Muut

    Muut powers lively discussions for millions of sites, making users happier and more likely to return. Muut is a discussion platform, unencumbered by the weight of unnecessary features and distractions. It places the conversation back to the forefront. Clean user interface, persistent content and deep integration to the site makes a more natural and meaningful discussion and the content focuses on topics the people care about.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://muut.com/

  • Namely Integration Namely


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Namely

    Namely is a Human Resource Information System that consolidates all HR and employee needs onto one platform. In addition to a full payroll system, benefits administration and talent management features, Namely offers a core HR system comprising employee profiles, organizational charts, time off tracking and approvals, task and document management, along with custom reporting capabilities.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.namely.com/

  • NetSuite Integration NetSuite


    Usage Reporting & License Management For NetSuite

    NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business processes in a single system. NetSuite is used to manage inventory, for enterprise resource planning (ERP), to keep track of financials, to host eCommerce stores, and to maintain customer relationship management systems.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting E-commerce

    Website: http://www.netsuite.com/

  • New Relic Integration New Relic

    New Relic

    Usage Reporting & License Management For New Relic

    New Relic provides SaaS Web & Mobile Application Monitoring for Ruby, PHP, .Net, Java, Python, Node.js, iOS, and Android Apps. New Relic provides real-time performance visibility for each component of a production app: from the real user’s browser, through the application code, and down to the underlying server infrastructure

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.newrelic.com/‎

  • Nexmo Integration Nexmo


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Nexmo

    Nexmo provides cloud communication APIs that enable applications and enterprises to connect to their customers via voice and SMS. Nexmo’s APIs, Direct to Carrier approach and Adaptive Routing technology improves customer experiences by connecting you with your customers reliably no matter where they are in the world. Nexmo can help any business improve customer communication.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: http://www.nexmo.com

  • Nutshell Integration Nutshell


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Nutshell

    Nutshell is dedicated to helping sales reps be more successful, solving the challenge from which most CRMs suffer: motivating sales teams to embrace the software. With its award-winning product and next-door-neighbor service, Nutshell helps small businesses win more deals, more quickly.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://app.nutshell.com/dashboard

  • Odoo CRM Integration Odoo CRM

    Odoo CRM

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Odoo CRM

    Odoo CRM allows Sales teams to keep track of their top leads and opportunities. Users can personalize their sales cycle, take control of their statistics, forecasts and create marketing campaign automation to increase their sales performance. With Odoo CRM, users can get more leads, follow-up on phone calls and meetings. Sales teams are able to analyze the quality of their leads, make faster decisions and save time by integrating emails from all contacts directly into the application. Users can track their opportunities pipeline in a few simple steps thanks to the Odoo's Kanban view. Users get an overview of their sales funnel and get instant visual information about next steps, new messages, best opportunities and expected incomes. Odoo CRM's marketing campaigns system automates lead acquisition, follow ups and special offers. Users can also determine automated actions based on pre-defined rules.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management Sales

    Website: https://www.odoo.com/

  • Okta Integration Okta


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Okta

    Okta is an on-demand identity and access management service that enables enterprises to accelerate the secure adoption of their web applications, both in the cloud and behind the firewall.

    Categories: Identity / IAM

    Website: https://www.okta.com/

  • OneLogin Integration OneLogin


    Usage Reporting & License Management For OneLogin

    OneLogin provides single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications, focusing primarily on companies that operate in the cloud and integrates with cloud apps using SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID and web services integration.

    Categories: Identity / IAM

    Website: https://www.onelogin.com/

  • OnSIP Integration OnSIP


    Usage Reporting & License Management For OnSIP

    OnSIP is a powerfully simple Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and collaboration platform. The company offers APIs for developers to rapidly and affordably build voice, video, and messaging applications of their own.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://www.onsip.com/

  • OpsGenie Integration OpsGenie


    Usage Reporting & License Management For OpsGenie

    OpsGenie is a cloud based service that enables operations teams to manage alerts generated by monitoring tools to ensure the right people are notified, and the problems are addressed in a timely manner. Teams can consolidate alerts from mult. monitoring tools, define escalation policies, set multiple notification methods, access to alert details, respond to alerts, communicate with team members, and initiate investigative and corrective actions

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.opsgenie.com/

  • Optimizely Integration Optimizely


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Optimizely

    The Optimizely platform provides businesses with the ability to conduct A/B testing, multivariate and multipage testing for data-driven decision making.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.optimizely.com/

  • PagerDuty Integration PagerDuty


    Usage Reporting & License Management For PagerDuty

    PagerDuty's SaaS alerting and incident tracking system helps IT operations and DevOps engineers resolve critical errors in their IT systems as quickly as possible by integrating with all IT infrastructure monitoring tools and handling the people part of the equation (alerting via phone, SMS, email etc., on-call scheduling for teams, and automatic escalation of critical issues. )

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: http://www.pagerduty.com/‎

  • PandaDoc Integration PandaDoc


    Usage Reporting & License Management For PandaDoc

    PandaDoc is an ideal platform for managing organizational documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more. Create media-rich documents with a single click. Access completed documents from inside the platform at any time.

    Categories: Collaboration Legal & Law

    Website: https://www.pandadoc.com/

  • Pardot Integration Pardot


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Pardot

    Pardot marketing automation provides sales and marketing teams with key insights into the success of their efforts, pinpointing areas for improvement and tracing back successful campaigns to their source. With advanced micro-level web analytics, such as closed-loop reporting on successful deals, the ability to sync prospects from your CRM with Google Analytics visitor stats, sales lifecycle, paid search and advanced email reporting, teams can determine where best to focus their time and effort.

    Categories: Marketing Sales

    Website: http://www.pardot.com

  • Periscope Data Integration Periscope Data

    Periscope Data

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Periscope Data

    Periscope Data is a data analysis tool that unifies business data across multiple different sources. The solution connects directly with databases and enables users to instantly run, visualize, and share analyses on billions of rows of data. Features include an in-browser SQL editor, dashboarding, ad hoc-querying, and data cache, as well as automatic reporting and embedding for rapid sharing and data analysis.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.periscopedata.com/

  • Pingboard Integration Pingboard


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Pingboard

    Pingboard is real-time org chart software that allows companies to keep charts in sync with HR software automatically.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://pingboard.com/

  • Pingdom Integration Pingdom


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Pingdom

    Pingdom is a website and performance monitoring company. The application monitors uptime, real users, transactions, page speed, and reliability. It also can be used for root cause analysis and incident management

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.pingdom.com/

  • Pipedrive Integration Pipedrive


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Pipedrive

    Pipedrive is a simple, yet powerful sales pipeline management tool loved by small and medium sized sales teams. It's built hand-in-hand by hardcore salespeople and ex-Skypers. Pipedrive organizes leads in a way you'll always have a great overview of sales, and makes you focus on the important deals first.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: https://www.pipedrive.com/

  • Pivotal Tracker Integration Pivotal Tracker

    Pivotal Tracker

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Pivotal Tracker

    Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management tool that brings focused collaboration to software development teams. Every team member shares the same, real-time view of what's going on with each project, and what needs to be done next. It lets product owners know in intimate detail what is going on, without having to ask, and lets developers spend time on work, instead of reporting the work.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/

  • PlanGrid Integration PlanGrid


    Usage Reporting & License Management For PlanGrid

    PlanGrid was made specifically for people who work out in the field. With PlanGrid, all construction professionals are kept up to date on plans and markups, whether they're out in the field, in the office, or elsewhere - even if they're without internet connection. Contractors, architects and owners are able to work together from desktops, laptops, or mobile devices and have instant, real-time access to their project plans, documents, photos, RFIs, and issues/punch-list items. PlanGrid houses more than 30 million digital blueprints on its servers, making it the world’s largest blueprint repository.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.plangrid.com/

  • PluralSight Integration PluralSight


    Usage Reporting & License Management For PluralSight

    PluralSight is an online education company that offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals

    Categories: Education

    Website: https://www.pluralsight.com/

  • Podio Integration Podio


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Podio

    Podio is a project management tool that makes deadlines, responsibilities and goals clear for everyone. With transparent, organized projects, users never need to slow down to get a status update. The fluid software allows for teams define the structure of content, reports and overviews. Podio eliminates scattered, unorganized work routines, and replaces multiple products from different companies with a single environment.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://podio.com/site

  • PractiTest Integration PractiTest


    Usage Reporting & License Management For PractiTest

    PractiTest is a leading QA Management tool for Agile Testing, enabling IT organizations to ensure visibility and communication at all levels. As well as helping project development teams streamline and manage their testing processes while providing management with a clear and simple view of their project status at all times.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.practitest.com/

  • Process Street Integration Process Street

    Process Street

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Process Street

    Process Street is a standard operating procedure & checklist software for businesses. The platform enables businesses to create and automate workflows, checklists, forms and standard operating procedures. Automate workflows and collaborate with your team.

    Categories: Operations Management Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.process.st/

  • ProntoForms Integration ProntoForms


    Usage Reporting & License Management For ProntoForms

    ProntoForms™ is a mobile workflow solution used to collect, receive and submit data in the field. Available for smartphones and tablets, ProntoForms incorporates a mobile device App and a Web management portal to manage teams and data flow. It provides the ability to export or connect data to the back office or to popular cloud services.

    Categories: Operations Management

    Website: https://www.prontoforms.com/

  • ProsperWorks Integration ProsperWorks


    Usage Reporting & License Management For ProsperWorks

    ProsperWorks is a customer relationship management (CRM) app that integrates fully with Gmail and other Google apps to offer seamless data interchange among these applications. The Gmail integration allows you too see all contact information associated with your emails directly from your inbox. This includes the contact's basic details such as company, job title and phone number, along with all interaction history and associated files and notes.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://www.prosperworks.com/

  • QASymphony Integration QASymphony


    Usage Reporting & License Management For QASymphony

    QASymphony is a leading agile software company that provides enterprise test case management and exploratory testing solutions for development and QA teams. QASymphony's qTest Platform helps companies create better software by improving speed, efficiency, collaboration and analysis during the testing process. The company has over 400 customers across 20 countries including Salesforce, Barclays, Adobe, Samsung, Verizon and Office Depot.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: http://www.qasymphony.com

  • QuickBase Integration QuickBase


    Usage Reporting & License Management For QuickBase

    QuickBase is the easiest IT-trusted platform for building customized business apps with no coding required. Business users get the fast solutions they need, while IT gets the security and control it demands.

    Categories: Developer Tools

    Website: https://www.quickbase.com/

  • RealtimeBoard Integration RealtimeBoard


    Usage Reporting & License Management For RealtimeBoard

    Online whiteboard for real-time team collaboration.

    Categories: Collaboration

    Website: https://realtimeboard.com

  • Recurly Integration Recurly


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Recurly

    "Recurly, Inc. provides enterprise-class recurring billing management for thousands of subscription-based SaaS, Web 2.0, Mobile, content and publishing businesses worldwide. Businesses like Groupon, Salesforce, JibJab Media, Hubspot, GOOD.is, LinkedIn and DISH Digital depend on Recurly’s ability to deliver recurring billing automation. As the leading recurring billing platform Recurly ensures setup is easy, integrations are quick and our service sales with the needs of any business. With Recurly merchants can be ready to accept payments and focus on growing sales in days not weeks."

    Categories: Finance & Accounting Operations Management

    Website: https://recurly.com/

  • Repsly Integration Repsly


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Repsly

    Repsly is a mobile field team activity management solution. From the web console, managers see a map with pins that represent a single activity completed by a rep in the field. These same pins can be clicked on to expand the view and see more detailed information. Reps can also use the mobile app to select a client, and then proceed with any number of actions specified for that customer. These actions may consist of checking in for a visit, taking a photo, performing a merchandising audit, collecting purchase orders, and more. Repsly provides simple, adaptable software for organizations that need visibility into their field team's activities.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: https://www.repsly.com/

  • RingCentral Integration RingCentral


    Usage Reporting & License Management For RingCentral

    Ring Central is a provider of cloud unified communications and collaboration solutions that allows users to communicate through voice, video, team messaging, collaboration, SMS, conferencing, online meetings, contact center, and fax

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://www.ringcentral.com/

  • Runscope Integration Runscope


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Runscope

    Runscope is a SaaS-based company that provides solutions for API performance testing, monitoring and debugging. Runscope allows software developers, QA testers, DevOps engineers and other API stakeholders to collaborate in creating, managing and executing functional API tests and monitors.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.runscope.com/

  • Salesbox Integration Salesbox


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Salesbox

    "Salesbox is a predictive CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises which offers collaboration tools, real-time pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, predictive analytics, automatic task generation, proactive guidance, and more. Salesbox’s pipeline view gives users an overview of their sales pipeline, with details of total progress, sales processes with weighted importance, sales forecast, and checked activities. Completed activities can be checked off from within the pipeline view, and details for each deal can be displayed alongside the pipeline view. Pipelines can also be viewed as a list, and sorted by progress, value, and more. Deals can be marked as favorites, and the most recently updated opportunities can be accessed from the ‘Recents’ list. "

    Categories: Sales Customer Relationship Management

    Website: http://salesbox.com

  • Salesforce CRM Integration Salesforce CRM

    Salesforce CRM

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Salesforce CRM

    Salesforce CRM is a CRM and sales automation product that allows users to manage contacts and track opportunities from any desktop or device and build 1-to-1 customer journeys. Users keep the sales pipeline filled with solid leads, and score more wins without software, hardware, or speed limits.

    Categories: Sales Marketing

    Website: https://www.salesforce.com/

  • SalesLoft Integration SalesLoft


    Usage Reporting & License Management For SalesLoft

    SalesLoft is a modern sales engagement platform that allows users to personalize sales communication, establish a human connection, and seamlessly tap into the sales engagement cloud. The Sales Engagement Cloud provides an open and flexible technology ecosystem with workflow and data providers. Understand what’s working & what’s not by utilizing data to create actionable insights to optimize performance and scale success.

    Categories: Sales

    Website: https://salesloft.com/

  • Salsify Integration Salsify


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Salsify

    Salsify is a cloud-based solution that enables marketing, e-commerce and sales teams to centralize, collaborate on, and publish tailored product information for every sales channel. Salsify helps brands and retailers across CPG, medical supplies, health and beauty aids, hardlines, and many other categories get all their product information in one place and publish out to retail partners.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.salsify.com/

  • Samanage Integration Samanage


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Samanage

    Samanage service management software is a solution that can instantly be deployed via a true cloud, SaaS based model. There is no hardware or software installation required, and no maintenance ever on your site. Samanage is also multi-tenant meaning a single, always new instance of software that lets customers enjoy the fastest time to value and unmatched user experience. Once deployed, Samanage automatically collects all IT asset configuration data, empowering IT with comprehensive reporting and alerts in a simple and elegant interface. The integrated service desk software allows users to submit requests online and provides the IT support desk with immediate access to related asset configuration, thereby expediting resolution time and improving productivity.

    Categories: IT Management Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.samanage.com/

  • Sauce Labs Integration Sauce Labs

    Sauce Labs

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sauce Labs

    Sauce Labs is an American cloud-hosted, web and mobile application automated testing platform company that offers automated testing for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines, and provides plugin integrations with the many CI platforms

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://saucelabs.com/

  • Scribe Integration Scribe


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Scribe

    Scribe Online is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that is accelerates integration projects for IT pros, business analysts, systems integrators, and SaaS providers. thousands of companies use Scribe Online to create real-time integrations between their business applications (e.g., CRM to ERP integration or CRM to marketing automation integration), migrate data from one system to another (e.g., when moving from an on-premises application to a cloud application), or extracting, transforming, and loading data as part of a process for reporting and analytics.

    Categories: IT Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.scribesoft.com/

  • Segment Integration Segment


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Segment

    Segment is a customer data management and analytics solution that helps make sense of customer data coming from multiple various sources. The app integrates with hundreds of other apps, pulling data from these apps into a single platform. It also pulls data from company websites as well as from devices such as mobiles, tablets, browsers, smartwatches, iBeacons, point-of-sale registers, and TVs. With Segment, users can export data to any existing, internal systems and apps. You can also use the Segment plug-in to integrate Segment with your ecommerce platform.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://segment.com/

  • Seismic Integration Seismic


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Seismic

    The Seismic content marketing system has embedded a live feed which allows users to view in real-time what is being updated as well as a historical view on past updates. Whether rebranding an entire online business portfolio or need to change some company graphics or statistics, Seismic can achieve this within a matter of seconds. Seismic links a large amount of documents types which can all be updated at once and all data is securely backed up to the cloud.

    Categories: Marketing Sales

    Website: https://seismic.com/

  • SemaText Integration SemaText


    Usage Reporting & License Management For SemaText

    Sematext is a Search and Big Data analytics products and services company. The service side of the company provides expert consulting around Search, Analytics, and Big Data along with Production Support for Solr and Elastic search. The software products include: SPM Performance Monitoring, Logsene Log Management & Analytics, Site Search Analytics, and several other search-related tools. Sematext’s software products are modular, scalable, and available in the Cloud.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: http://sematext.com/

  • SendGrid Integration SendGrid


    Usage Reporting & License Management For SendGrid

    SendGrid is a transactional email delivery platform that provides users with actionable, real time analytics including emails delivered, bounces, repeat bounces, spam reports, repeat spam reports, invalid email requests, open tracking, unique open tracking, click tracking, unique click tracking, unsubscribe tracking and blocks

    Categories: Marketing E-commerce

    Website: https://sendgrid.com/

  • Sentry Integration Sentry


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sentry

    Sentry provides real-time error tracking for your web apps, mobile apps, and games, which gives developers insight needed to reproduce and fix crashes.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://sentry.io/welcome/

  • ShipStation Integration ShipStation


    Usage Reporting & License Management For ShipStation

    ShipStation is a multi-carrier, multi-channel shipping solution designed to facilitate the shipping and fulfillment process for online retailers. ShipStation automatically retrieves and consolidates order information from over 40 sales channels, applies a preconfigured set shipping preferences to each order based on what you've specified, processes and prints customized shipping labels and packing slips, automatically updates each store with shipping status and tracking information.

    Categories: Operations Management

    Website: https://www.shipstation.com/

  • Sift Science Integration Sift Science

    Sift Science

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sift Science

    "Sift Science is a fraud detection solution for websites and mobile applications. The platform utilizes large-scale machine learning to detect fraudulent users and help online, eCommerce businesses to avoid falling victim to fraud. Sift Science enables businesses to avoid and prevent online fraud using powerful real-time machine learning technology. Sift Science's machine learning improves continuously by learning in real-time from activity on a website, input from customers, and from a global network of fraud fighters. Sift Science constantly update their library of over 5000 fraud signals to stay ahead of tactic-changing fraudsters."

    Categories: Security E-commerce

    Website: https://siftscience.com/

  • Sisense Integration Sisense


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sisense

    Sisense provides users with data mash-ups, interactive browser-based dashboards, and ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data in one, user-friendly interface.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.sisense.com/

  • Slack Integration Slack


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Slack

    Slack is a real time chat tool. Teams in Slack work together in channels that can be organized by project, department, office location, or anything else, really. Slack connects to the tools and services you already use and centralizes your notifications, files, and data from hundreds of different applications. When you connect Flexera SaaS Manager to Slack you'll receive reporting about Slack usage in your Flexera SaaS Manager dashboard along with quick and actionable insights to help ensure that those users who you want to use Slack are actually making use of this amazing tool. Adding Slack to your instance of Flexera SaaS Manager is easy! Just log in to your Flexera SaaS Manager portal and under the "Managed Products" section found in the left hand navigation click "Add Product" from the "Actions" dropdown menu. Follow the wizard steps and you're done!

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://slack.com/

  • SmartCAT Integration SmartCAT


    Usage Reporting & License Management For SmartCAT

    Smartcat is an all-inclusive platform for automating the translation process in a centralized way. Whether you work with freelancers, language service providers or have in-house translators, the translation process stays transparent, manageable and optimized.

    Categories: Operations Management Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.smartcat.ai/

  • Smartling Integration Smartling


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Smartling

    Smartling is a cloud-based software platform for website, document, and mobile app localization. Using Smartling's Translation Management Platform, you can reach international users without the need of specialist coding knowledge. Smartling's platform automatically collects content from your website or app, facilities human translation and then delivers the translated content back. The type of translation you prefer to use — human translation, machine translation, volunteer, non-professional, etc., — can all be managed by Smartling's customizable workflows.

    Categories: IT Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.smartling.com/

  • Smartsheet Integration Smartsheet


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Smartsheet

    Smartsheet.com offers an enterprise-ready cloud app for work management and collaboration. The platform is regarded for its online project management, collaboration, and file sharing features. Smartsheet'sspreadsheet-like app is used broadly to track and manage diverse types of work including: team projects and task lists, customer information, sales pipelines, event schedules, and business processes. Customers can access their accounts online or through integrations with leading web services.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.smartsheet.com/

  • Sniply Integration Sniply


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sniply

    Sniply helps customers capture the value of every link shared. You share content to promote your brand, build thought leadership, foster engagement, and ultimately to drive conversion. Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. You don’t have to own the content to add your message, so you can appear on Mashable, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and pretty much wherever you wish. This creates an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: http://snip.ly

  • Sophos Central Integration Sophos Central

    Sophos Central

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sophos Central

    Sophos Central gives you one place to manage your endpoint, mobile, encryption, web, email, server, and wireless security. Using a synchronized security management platform, you’ll benefit from security intelligence sharing, policies that follow users, easy configuration, detailed and summary reporting, and automatically prioritized alerts.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://central.sophos.com/manage/login

  • Sprout Social Integration Sprout Social

    Sprout Social

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is a one stop shop for all social media management tools, with all the features you need in one powerful package. Sprout Social emphasizes the four components of social media effectiveness; Monitoring, Engagement, Measurement and Growth. Social Sprout provides tools for publishing, monitoring engagement, analyzing performance, collaborating within teams, and storing customer information.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://sproutsocial.com/

  • StatusCast Integration StatusCast


    Usage Reporting & License Management For StatusCast

    StatusCast is a unified communications cloud-based platform that allows IT to easily communicate status and scheduled maintenance messages to its end-users with a powerful application status page. Your application status page is best hosted with StatusCast. A statuspage allows you to communicate incidents and scheduled maintenance with customers.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.statuscast.com/

  • StatusPage.io Integration StatusPage.io


    Usage Reporting & License Management For StatusPage.io

    StatusPage allows users to monitor site downtime and to post in detail about specific downtime incidents. Users can also list the status of each individual functional unit of their site

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://www.statuspage.io/

  • Sumo Logic Integration Sumo Logic

    Sumo Logic

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Sumo Logic

    Sumo Logic is a complete log management application that assesses your online datafeeds and displays accurate/real-time feeds and charts to display performances and security threats. Sumo Logic lets you create email alerts, which let you know when potential threats have been detected, such as downtime, hacks etc. Sumo Logic also offer a freemium version which gives you limited permissions but the ability to upgrade at any time.

    Categories: IT Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.sumologic.com/

  • SurveyMonkey Integration SurveyMonkey


    Usage Reporting & License Management For SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based, online survey development software SurveyMonkey provides free, customizable surveys, as well as a suite of paid back-end programs that include data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, and data representation tools.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.surveymonkey.com/

  • SurveyGizmo Integration SurveyGizmo


    Usage Reporting & License Management For SurveyGizmo

    SurveyGizmo is the online survey tool for new businesses. Rich in features, SurveyGizmo is ideal for the feature-focused marketers, researchers and educators. Whether you are doing simple surveys, complex surveys, evaluations, polls, or HR studies; SurveyGizmo is the right survey tool for you.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.surveygizmo.com/

  • Tableau Integration Tableau


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Tableau

    Tableau is a self-service analytics application that allows users to explore data and answer questions in rapid time. Tableau Desktop allows you to perform all kinds of queries without writing any code.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://www.tableau.com/

  • Taboola Integration Taboola


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Taboola

    Taboola is the leading discovery platform, serving over 360 billion recommendations to over 1 billion unique visitors every month on some of the Web’s most innovative publisher sites. Publishers, marketers, and agencies leverage Taboola to retain users on their sites, monetize their traffic, and distribute their content to drive high-quality audiences.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: http://www.taboola.com

  • Talkdesk Integration Talkdesk


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Talkdesk

    Talkdesk is the world's leading browser-based contact center solution that helps businesses around the world build stronger customer relationships. Talkdesk empowers agents with a 360-degree view of a customer. The Talkdesk solution allow companies to have more personalized conversations with customers and prospects, improve team productivity and efficiency, and make data-driven decisions to improve business KPIs.

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.talkdesk.com/

  • Team Gantt Integration Team Gantt

    Team Gantt

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Team Gantt

    Team Gantt provides online gantt charts in a fluid user interface. TeamGantt allows for easy, visual project management through the use of gantt charts. Other users can be invited to view, edit and update progress on your gantt charts. It's a great tool for collaborating with co-workers and/or clients as well as creating quick simple gantt charts on your own.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: http://teamgantt.com

  • Teamwork Integration Teamwork


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Teamwork

    Teamwork.com is used to help businesses stay organized and get work done. Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Desk form the backbone of Teamwork.com. Each product serves to enhance the performance of teams by coordinating both process and people simultaneously. Teamwork Projects focuses on creating task lists and tasks and assigning them to the team. Teamwork Desk streamlines all contact between you and your customers by way of a ticket management system. Teamwork Chat is an instant messenger that can be used by all of the team for immediate communication.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://www.teamwork.com/

  • TestRail Integration TestRail


    Usage Reporting & License Management For TestRail

    TestRail helps manage and track software testing efforts and organize QA department. Its web-based user interface makes it easy to create test cases, manage test runs and coordinate the entire testing process.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: http://www.gurock.com/testrail/

  • Toggl Integration Toggl


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Toggl

    Toggl is the leading timesheet app for tracking work hours. Use the timer to log task times and get reports based on the time usage. All the time logs are synced to the cloud and you can track time also in the web version, desktop app, Chrome extension and with an Android watch - all your data is safely under one account.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://toggl.com/

  • The Trade Desk Integration The Trade Desk

    The Trade Desk

    Usage Reporting & License Management For The Trade Desk

    The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. The Trade Desk provides a self-service platform that enables ad buyers to manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns using their own teams across various advertising formats, including display, video, and social, and on a multitude of devices, including computers, mobile devices, and connected TV.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: http://thetradedesk.com

  • TradeGecko Integration TradeGecko


    Usage Reporting & License Management For TradeGecko

    Think of TradeGecko as a command center for your business. With one integrated platform, you gain visibility into stock movements as they occur across multiple sales channels, wholesale deals and procurements from suppliers. TradeGecko manages every part of your business from purchasing to managing payments and distribution. With TradeGecko's accounting integrations with QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting software, your ledger accounts will be updated daily. Orders made on integrated eCommerce channels such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon and WooCommerce will also be pushed to your accounting integration for a truly seamless experience.

    Categories: Operations Management Finance & Accounting

    Website: https://www.tradegecko.com/

  • Tradeshift Integration Tradeshift


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Tradeshift

    Tradeshift is a global business-to-business platform that helps companies run more efficiently, using cloud-based technology to improve processes like invoicing, workflow and supplier financing. Tradeshift brings all companies, big and small, together to transact, connect and collaborate with each other.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting Operations Management

    Website: http://tradeshift.com

  • Trello Integration Trello


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Trello

    Trello uses cards to organize projects, plan lesson, house ideas and communicate with teams. Use Trello's cards to note to-dos and ideas and then organize these cards in lists and categories. Use these cards to track the progress of your tasks. Use the progress meter or add a checklist to manage your to-do list. See a historical record of all movements in Trello. Create a board to share cards with whoever you have invited to your board and more

    Categories: Project Management & Planning

    Website: https://trello.com/

  • TrendKite Integration TrendKite


    Usage Reporting & License Management For TrendKite

    TrendKite tracks a comprehensive set of metrics to accurately measure the impact PR is having on your brand, website traffic, and business goals. Create beautifully automated or customizable dashboards that can quickly filter through millions of pieces of data in seconds to help streamline your workflow.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: http://trendkite.com

  • TSheets Integration TSheets


    Usage Reporting & License Management For TSheets

    TSheets is employee time tracking software and scheduling software for companies needing to track, manage, and report time. With TSheets, owners and managers can keep track of everything—employees, locations, notes, job codes, even paid time off, vacation and holiday hours—in real time. Then, they can report it all with data driven precision, running payroll, billing and invoices against time tracked, making calculated accuracy a way of doing business. If desired, administrators can also often instantly sync timesheet data with their existing bookkeeping software, even integrating with QuickBooks in just one click.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.tsheets.com/

  • Twilio Integration Twilio


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Twilio

    Twilio provides API based phone services which allows users to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages. Twilio allows programmers to easily integrate various communication methods and to use existing web development skills, existing code, existing servers, existing databases and existing karma to solve these communication problems quickly and reliably.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://twilio.com/

  • Typetalk Integration Typetalk


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Typetalk

    Typetalk is a real-time communication software. Get instant feedback and updates on projects with Typetalk. Send messages privately for one-on-one conversations, or have discussions with the whole crew. Keep track of important messages. Check the Likes Activity dashboard to see the likes you received, the likes you gave, and to discover the posts others are liking. From social mentions to reviews, keep track of what people are saying about your brand online with webhooks using Typetalk’s rich API.

    Categories: Communications Collaboration

    Website: https://www.typetalk.com/

  • UberConference Integration UberConference


    Usage Reporting & License Management For UberConference

    UberConference fixes all the broken and outdated aspects of traditional conference calling, making it a more productive business tool, and transforming an industry that hasn't seen real innovation in decades. UberConference gives a visual interface to every conference call so callers can know who's on a call and who's speaking at any time, in addition to making many other features, such as Hangouts integration and screen sharing, easy-to-use with the click of a button

    Categories: Communications Collaboration

    Website: https://www.uberconference.com/

  • Uberflip Integration Uberflip


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Uberflip

    Uberflip is a content experience platform that aggregates all content (blog articles, eBooks, videos, whitepapers and more) so companies can create, manage and optimize tailored content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey. By providing marketers with the tools they need to boost engagement, generate leads and fuel demand generation they can better leverage content to meet their goals. Uberflip also integrates with your marketing automation platform in order to bridge the gap and improve process between content and demand generation.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.uberflip.com/

  • Udemy Integration Udemy


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Udemy

    Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where more than 17 million students learn from an extensive library of 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors in over 60 different languages. Whether learning for professional development or personal enrichment, students can master new skills through self-paced, on-demand courses, while instructors have a way to share their knowledge with the world. For companies, Udemy for Business offers subscription access to a collection of business-relevant courses as well as a simple platform to host and distribute their own content in one central place.

    Categories: Education E-commerce

    Website: https://www.udemy.com/

  • Urban Airship Integration Urban Airship

    Urban Airship

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Urban Airship

    Urban Airship allows marketers to reach their customers in the moments that matter by sending notification-style messages at every step in the customer journey

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.urbanairship.com/

  • Usabilla Integration Usabilla


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Usabilla

    With Usabilla for Websites, install a custom feedback button on your site and let your users give feedback anywhere, anytime. Usabilla's screenshot functionality allows users to simply select the part of your website they want to give feedback on. The ability to see exactly what the user is referring to eliminates guesswork and allows you to prioritize website improvements in a time and cost-efficient way. Additionally, users can roll out targeted slide-out and exit surveys for maximum results. Easily identify errors and bottlenecks and prioritize improvements to provide a seamless user experience.

    Categories: Developer Tools

    Website: https://usabilla.com

  • UserVoice Integration UserVoice


    Usage Reporting & License Management For UserVoice

    UserVoice enables product teams to work more effectively alongside customers, customer support, success, and sales teams to better inform the product development process. UserVoice’s product management software capabilities include feedback collection, product roadmap prioritization, feedback management and moderation, communication tools, net promoter score, support ticketing, knowledge base, and advanced reporting.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.uservoice.com/

  • VictorOps Integration VictorOps


    Usage Reporting & License Management For VictorOps

    VictorOps offers a unique package for IT and DevOps users looking for an efficient incident management platform. VictorOps provides a broad suite of tools that supports active team collaboration throughout the incident lifecycle to ensure incidents are addressed for rapid resolution. Using a proprietary tool, rich alerts are dynamically routed and escalated according to customizable rules. This ensures that alerts are focused at the right people, at the right time; and when alerts arrive, they come bundled with information to support the recovery process. By filtering through the noise of extraneous alerts and ensuring technical information is always at hand, VictorOps users are able to solve problems significantly faster.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://victorops.com/

  • Vidyard Integration Vidyard


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Vidyard

    Vidyard is a Video Marketing Platform built for marketers that has all the tools and data you need to maximize your audience engagement, move prospects through the sales funnel, and measure the real impact and ROI of your video. Users can add lead capture forms and calls-to-action directly to video assets to generate leads, leverage video data in marketing automation and CRM platforms to target only the most engaged prospect and measure the performance of videos and how they impact the bottom line.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: https://www.vidyard.com/

  • Virtru Integration Virtru


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Virtru

    Virtru is your data privacy force field, wrapping and protecting emails and files wherever they’re shared. It’s data security software ensures control. Users can choose when to keep their digital content private and secure, even after it’s beenshared online. Manage and revoke access to emails, photos, files, and other content at any time, right from within your favorite programs like Gmail, Outlook, and Mac Mail on your desktop or mobile device.

    Categories: Security

    Website: https://www.virtru.com/

  • Vuture Integration Vuture


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Vuture

    Vuture is a multichannel marketing automation technology that brings organisations closer than ever before to clients and prospects. The Vuture platform allows users to automate, deliver, analyse and improve communications across devices. Integrating seamlessly with your CRM system, Vuture automates the delivery of professional, personalised email campaigns to the right recipients at the right time.

    Categories: Marketing

    Website: http://vutu.re/explore

  • Walkme Integration Walkme


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Walkme

    WalkMe™ is an enterprise-class guidance and engagement platform, which helps customers and employees complete any website, software, or CRM task and keeps them focused and productive. WalkMe is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of apps that increase your business’ productivity and profitability.

    Categories: Marketing Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.walkme.com/

  • WebEx Integration WebEx


    Usage Reporting & License Management For WebEx

    Cisco WebEx provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and video conferencing. WebEx allows users to collaborate in real time, providing whiteboarding, note-taking, and annotation tools. Users can record video and audio, screen share, and live stream.

    Categories: Communications Collaboration

    Website: https://www.webex.com/

  • Whatfix Integration Whatfix


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Whatfix

    Whatfix is a SaaS based Performance Support platform, that helps enterprises and businesses simplify their training and support efforts with easily accessible contextual information. Whatfix’s platform is built with real-time interactive guidance technology at its core, which helps users achieve optimal performance by providing just-in-time guidance that enables them to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

    Categories: Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://whatfix.com

  • Wistia Integration Wistia


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Wistia

    Wistia is a video platform for businesses. It has free and premium video hosting solutions, and supports video creation and editing tools like Soapbox. Wistia reduces the barriers to better business communications for teams including marketing, sales, support, HR, and more.

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://wistia.com/

  • WordPress Integration WordPress


    Usage Reporting & License Management For WordPress

    WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.[5] WordPress is installed on a web server that is either part of an Internet hosting service or a network host in its own right.

    Categories: IT Management

    Website: https://wordpress.com/

  • Workable Integration Workable


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Workable

    Workable is intuitive software that works with you. Instead of replicating old-world HR processes, we've reimagined hiring to create a streamlined, collaborative approach. Workable operates a cloud-based recruitment platform for companies. It helps small and medium-sized enterprises manage their recruitment process with simple tools to promote their jobs online, review candidates, and schedule interviews

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: http://www.workable.com

  • Workbooks Integration Workbooks


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Workbooks

    Workbooks provides sales people, sales leaders and marketers with the tools they need to create leads, manage the sales pipeline, close deals and ensure their teams are productive. Assign leads to the correct person and schedule follow up activities for your colleagues to ensure your leads are being actioned. Workbooks Case Management system allows you to integrate your support teams with the rest of the business allowing teams to log trouble tickets, assign cases to users and Queues, set priorities and track the progress of the case.

    Categories: Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://www.workbooks.com/

  • Workday ERP Integration Workday ERP

    Workday ERP

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Workday ERP

    The Workday Financial Management covers essential business areas such as procurement, asset management, CRM, revenue management, business reports, spend and sales analytics, bank reconciliation, project and task management as well as general business management processes. The Workday Financial Management application is web based and mobile friendly - enabling you to view your Workday Financial Management software in full transparency whilst on the go or out of office.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting

    Website: https://www.workday.com/

  • Workday HCM Integration Workday HCM

    Workday HCM

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Workday HCM

    Workday Human Capital Management includes a number of HR features including organization management, talent and performance management, and Workday Absence Management, which allows you to manage time-off and absence policies across global offices. Workday also offers a range of recruiting tools to help set up career sites that are compatible with mobile devices and integrated to social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.workday.com/

  • Wrike Integration Wrike


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Wrike

    Wrike's end-to-end solution takes your projects from initial request to tracking work progress and reporting results. With Wrike, project managers and team leads get an efficient tool to collect and organize project requirements, create project plans, and visualize schedules on the Gantt chart. As work progresses, project plans can be adjusted easily, and all involved teams will get notifications about work changes. The custom report builder will help you slice project data to present results to execs or teams.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning Collaboration

    Website: https://www.wrike.com/

  • Zapier Integration Zapier


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zapier

    Zapier provides an integration platform that allows users to automate daily tasks that involve using two or more applications. By creating a "Zap", you can define an action and set it up to be repeated when certain triggers happen. An example of a "trigger" that you could set up in Zapier might be receiving an email in Gmail from a certain address, an "action" might include receiving an SMS notification. The Zap is therefore to receive an SMS notification every time you receive an email from a certain client in your Gmail account.

    Categories: Project Management & Planning IT Management

    Website: https://zapier.com/

  • Zarget Integration Zarget


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zarget

    Zarget is a conversion rate optimization software product with A/B testing, Heatmaps and Funnel analysis modules combined. With the Industry's first ever chrome plug-in, conversion rate optimization has been taken to a whole new level. Funnel analysis assists in identifying the pages in the conversion funnel with high visitor drop-offs thus pointing out the red flags on the website. Heatmaps help in visualizing website visitor behavior in the form of graphical click aggregates. A/B Testing enables testing of multiple variations of a webpage against each other in order to select the best performing variation with the highest conversion rate.

    Categories: Marketing Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Website: https://zarget.com/

  • Zendesk Chat (Zopim) Integration Zendesk Chat

    Zendesk Chat (Zopim)

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zendesk Chat (Zopim)

    Zendesk Chat allows users to talk to visitors online in real-time. Zendesk Chat shows up as a chat bar docked at the bottom of your website. Visitors chat with support team simply by clicking on the widget.

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.zendesk.com/chat/

  • Zendesk Integration Zendesk


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zendesk

    Zendesk is the proven cloud-based customer service software solution that is the fastest way to enable great customer service in companies of all sizes and industry

    Categories: Customer Service & Support

    Website: https://www.zendesk.com/

  • Zenefits Integration Zenefits


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zenefits

    Zenefits Payroll integrates with all the other apps you manage on the Zenefits platform—HR, Benefits, Compliance, Time, and more to automatically update company payroll as changes happen. It’s payroll that runs itself.

    Categories: HR & Employee Management

    Website: https://www.zenefits.com/

  • Zoho Books Integration Zoho Books

    Zoho Books

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zoho Books

    Zoho Books streamlines back office operations, automates business workflows and helps you securely collaborate with the company's accountant online. It is designed for all business sizes. Zoho Books allows you to invoice your clients in their currency and it’s also available in 11 languages.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting

    Website: https://www.zoho.com/us/books/

  • Zoho Creator Integration Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator offers powerful tools for data collection and management, analysis, reporting and collaboration. The application offers a drag-n-drop interface to create tables/forms, design, schedule workflows and perform a variety of automated actions.

    Categories: File Storage

    Website: https://www.zoho.com/creator/

  • Zoho CRM Integration Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM

    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM empowers small to large-sized organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.

    Categories: Sales Customer Relationship Management

    Website: https://www.zoho.com/crm/

  • Zoom Integration Zoom


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zoom

    Zoom is an online conferencing and web conferencing service that allows users to host meetings, webinars, collaborative conferences, and cross-platform messaging

    Categories: Communications

    Website: https://zoom.us/

  • Zuora Integration Zuora


    Usage Reporting & License Management For Zuora

    Zuora provides the only SaaS platform that automates all subscription order-to-cash operations in real-time for any business.

    Categories: Finance & Accounting Operations Management

    Website: https://www.zuora.com/

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