Technopedia Provides a Common Language

Simplicity is key when you’re asking complicated systems to work together. Enter Technopedia, the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of enterprise software and hardware. Increased transparency, accurate product info and real-time market intelligence for your IT assets. That’s news you can use.

With more than 2.1 million products and 150+ million data points of timely, relevant product info, Technopedia delivers consistent, accurate and business-relevant information for strategic decision making and tactics. And it’s always current with more than 2,500 updates a day. Enriched with market context, Technopedia delivers actionable data to guide your business forward.

With Technopedia, you can:

  • Drive effective enterprise technology decision making
  • Get immediate, actionable market intelligence
  • Stay aligned with your business objectives
  • Get increased transparency
  • Unify silos and gain efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Provide the CIO/CTO with strategic insights
Success Story

University of San Francisco Accelerates and Aces ServiceNow Asset Management with Technopedia

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Key Features:

  • Simplified vendor audit process and reduced cost of true-ups
  • Improved accuracy of ITIL processes with updated configuration management database
  • Reduced IT costs, increased service levels and increased customer satisfaction
  • Complete visibility into IT assets to support ITAM initiatives
  • Clear, comprehensive data for Technology Business Management (TBM)
  • Optimized and aligned goals and strategies for enterprise architecture
  • Comprehensive coverage of hardware and software with usable taxonomy
  • Detailed info on 2.1+ million hardware and software releases
  • Content packs that extend the catalog with up-to-date market data points
  • More than 150 million data points to provide relevant market content
  • Daily updates that ensure data fidelity

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