Respond Faster to Audits

Rely on a clear picture of your hardware, software and services

With Flexera One, you can streamline the collection of consistent, relevant and rich IT inventory information so you stay ahead of internal and external audits.



Save valuable resources for higher level strategic efforts

  • Mitigate the risk of unplanned true-up costs
  • Streamline your software audit response
  • Reduce time and money spent on dealing with internal and external software licenses audits
Audit Costs and Penalties by Size Chart

Featured Details

Face audits head-on

You can be ready for any internal or external audit with more current and correct information about your assets.


Prepare and respond quickly

Flexera One delivers the insights you need into your entire IT inventory to already be ready for the next audit.


Respond to audits with up-to-date info

Provide auditors with current information quickly while you avoid large expenditures of effort and money by using reliable technology insights.


Gather better data about all your assets

Flexera One helps you obtain information about your technology from multiple sources and automatically cleanses, normalizes, standardizes and enriches it with curated content from Technopedia.

IT Asset Management Capabilities

IT Asset Management that makes the exponential manageable

Dashboard Softwarelizenzmanagement

Obtain a clear SaaS picture to rein in spend

ServiceNow, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft. What if you could shave off even a few percentage points from your SaaS costs for all of them? With Flexera One, you get a current and complete picture of SaaS usage to support your business stakeholders while optimizing SaaS spend with all your vendors. Flexera One enables you to take action by discovering shadow SaaS, removing redundant applications and optimizing subscriptions based on actual usage automatically. 

Dashboard Softwarelizenzmanagement

Optimize software from on-prem to cloud

Your software portfolio is quickly expanding into private and public clouds with BYOSL. At the same time, Microsoft is creating hybrid use rights and IBM is offering Cloud Paks. And we thought capacity-based licensing in the data center was hard. You need more than a workflow to optimize your software spend and mitigate audit risks—that’s where Flexera One comes in. Unlike other software asset management tools out there, Flexera One is the only SAM solution to solve the exponentiality of licensing. It possesses the depth, breadth, algorithms and automation required to truly create a trusted and accurate license position.

Hardware Asset Management Graph

Maximize your hardware investments no matter where they are

The remote workforce brought on new challenges and amplified the need for hardware asset management. Flexera Ones helps you make critical hardware lifecycle decisions to support user productivity, business continuity and make the most of your hardware investments. Enabling you to manage the hardware you own or lease, no matter where it is.

2021 State of the Cloud report


How has tech spend been impacted this past year?


have increased public cloud spend


will increase spend on remote IT staffing


say digital transformation is the top initiative

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Informing IT, Transforming IT

Industry insights to help keep you informed


Midwest Management Summit

May 5 - 9 | Bloomington, MN

MMS offers deep technical sessions on systems management and automation. MMS has over 100 sessions focused on ConfigMgr, Intune, Azure, Provisioning, PowerShell, and more, featuring world-class presenters from around the world. In addition to sessions, you will also have the opportunity to have in-depth Q&A sessions with presenters. And probably more important than everything else is the opportunity to network with your peers—this is something that is nearly impossible at large conferences. Network with peers, share war stories, brain storm, and share best practices.



May 7 - 9 | Las Vegas

The IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) is the world’s leading IT Asset Management conference. At ACE, C-level executives, IT, Financial, and Legal professionals come together to explore the latest in ITAM and its impact on business operations, compliance, and profitability. IAITAM, the world leader in ITAM education, hosts over 2,000 attendees around the world at ACE every year. ACE fulfills the needs of the ITAM professional with over 100 educational sessions with ITAM experts, workshops, vendor interaction and networking opportunities.