Software License Compliance Management Software

Ensure Continuous Compliance for All Your Applications

Centralized Software License Management and Control Reduces License Compliance Risk

Managing compliance risk of software assets is an increasingly difficult challenge due to increasing complexity of software licensing agreements, the lack of software license management best practices and the inability to fully centralize and control all software purchases. Mergers & acquisitions and cloud & virtual deployments only exacerbate the problem. Most companies want to be compliant with their software license agreements but struggle to do so. That's where compliance management software comes in.

The challenges: continuous license compliance

  • How can you extend corporate governance and risk management practices to software?
  • How can you cost effectively ensure you are always prepared for a potential software audit?
  • How can you remain in compliance as you take advantage of virtualization, the cloud and other new technologies?

The solution: centralized processes powered by facts and insight

Meeting the software license compliance challenge requires enterprises to implement a centralized software license management process that leverages facts and insights to power an ongoing process optimizing software asset management throughout their lifecycle. Flexera Software compliance management software solutions enable enterprises to:

  • Leverage the right information–integrate with existing business systems to aggregate and reconcile software inventory, purchase, usage, entitlement and product use rights data to expose the right information needed to manage continuous compliance and always be audit-ready.
  • Centralize licensing and software operations–utilize a single dashboard to manage the entire software estate, from desktop to datacenter and from physical, virtual and cloud-based, to ensure a global, comprehensive strategy for compliance management. Deploy an enterprise app store to manage application requests and check license availability before purchasing additional software.
  • Gain control over licensing operations–proactively manage your software estate by setting up compliance alerts, assessing the impact on your license position due to planned software and hardware changes and automating license management tasks, such as purchase order processing, to ensure that entitlements are accurately captured.
  • Ensure constant improvement–measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to assess current processes and systems and develop a roadmap for continuous improvement that moves you from basic software asset management to best-in-class software license optimization that ensures continuous compliance and optimization of software spend.

Flexera Software license compliance management software solutions automate next generation software asset management capabilities. They support software asset governance to reduce risk by enabling organizations to maintain continuous compliance across the entire software estate