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Gain Control Over Cloud and SaaS Spend

Get a complete view for IT procurement

Cloud spend, including SaaS and public cloud, is growing 20 percent a year according to Gartner in IT Spending Forecast, 3Q18 Update: Ride the Innovation Wavea growth rate 7 times faster than overall IT spend. As a result, companies are spending a larger percentage of their IT budgets on cloud each year, and cloud bills are growing accordingly.

The use of cloud requires new ways to manage spend. SaaS applications have monthly or annual billing cycles, and public cloud is charged down to per-minute increments based on the actual resources being used. This generates vast quantities of data, with public cloud bills often reaching millions of line items. These new models and the accompanying explosion of data require enterprises to develop new capabilities and competencies for continuous management and optimization of cloud-based spend.


The cloud resources used by an enterprise are continually changing, so IT organizations need to extend beyond traditional IT financial management tools and approaches. Organizations need ways to continuously aggregate, analyze, and optimize their cloud use and spend. Policy-based automation becomes a must-have capability for the new world of cloud.

Flexera solution:

Flexera provides solutions to manage and optimize spend across SaaS and public cloud. Our solutions deliver a current and complete picture of spend to stakeholders across the organization, from IT to development to finance. Flexera’s cloud solutions also help uncover and eliminate waste and provide automated policies that ensure your cloud usage stays optimized and secure.

The proof:

Flexera’s solutions can help save up to 25 percent or more of cloud spend, and ongoing policy-based automation helps you avoid future cost overruns.



Save time and effort with a complete view of your software licenses and automated compliance alerts.