A manager assesses his team's licenses for an upcoming software audit

Respond Faster to Audits with the Right Software Audit Tools

Save valuable resources for higher level strategic efforts

Internal and external software license audits are common occurrences and usually require a large effort across functional groups. In heavily regulated industries, organizations often quickly form dedicated teams to respond to audits and spend large amounts of money to support them.

But that's time and money that could otherwise be spent elsewhere if you don't have the right software audit tools. Luckily, with Flexera's solutions, you can mitigate the risk of unplanned true-up costs while not diverting too many valuable resources along the way.

Streamlining your software audit response with Flexera


The first thing organizations need to do when responding to an audit is present a clear picture of the hardware, software, and services being used. It’s imperative that the information collected from all the various sources is consistent, relevant, and rich. 

Flexera solution:

We help you obtain information about your technology from multiple sources and automatically cleanse, normalize, standardize, and enrich it with curated content from Technopedia, the largest and most trusted source of IT asset data in the world. Armed with reliable technology insights, you can provide auditors with current information quickly, avoiding large expenditures of effort and money that are better applied to strategic business initiatives.

The proof:

Forrester’s study of Total Economic Impact cites a 302 percent ROI on Flexera Data Platform.

In a recent ROI and TCO report, research firm Hobson & Company revealed that Flexera Data Platform customers report a 75 percent reduction in effort to respond to internal and external software license audits.


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