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Improve Your CMDB Quality

Make better decisions with cleaner data

The success of your IT service management efforts depends on many factors, but none is as critical as the quality of the data you put into your CMDB. With millions of dollars spent on such projects every year, successful implementations tend to be rare, and there is little return on the investment. The common element among these projects is lack of reliable, clean data.


Every source of information for a CMDB has limitations: some reach the endpoints, some only servers, and many lack the ability to understand and measure SaaS. To make matters more complex, for each platform there may be different tools that gather different pieces of relevant information that don't always match.

The result is a CMDB with duplicated, dirty, and useless data that diminishes user satisfaction, decision quality, and productivity.

Flexera solution:

We help you obtain the information about your technology from multiple sources and automatically cleanse, normalize, standardize, and enrich it with curated content from Technopedia, the largest and most trusted source of IT asset data in the world.

By delivering clean, quality data for your CMDB, Flexera Data Platform can provide you with valuable and reliable insights to inform your decision workflow process.

The proof:

Forrester’s study of Total Economic Impact cites a 302 percent ROI on Flexera Data Platform.

In a recent ROI and TCO report, research firm Hobson & Company revealed that Flexera Data Platform customers report a 60 percent reduction in effort to gather and validate their IT data.

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