Business Challenge
Compliance and Policy Implementation

Implement Policies. Comply and Reduce Risk.

Business Challenge:

Stay within compliance and implement necessary policies to manage potential software vulnerabilities.


Provide access to trusted software vulnerability data that finds potential threats across more than 55,000 applications.

How it Works:

With all of the possible vulnerability threats, an organization can never be too prepared to combat them. It pays to have the correct tools to address an issue once it occurs. And to be proactive so additional ones don’t.

Let Flexera be your company’s partner to keep cyber threats at bay.

Providing timely alerts on new software vulnerabilities, our Software Vulnerability Research is verified, tested and validated by Secunia Research. It gives access to trusted software vulnerability intelligence covering over 55,000 applications, and guarantees vulnerability alerts within one day of public disclosure.

Our Software Vulnerability Manager then finds vulnerable software across your business’s various systems. Software vulnerabilities are assessed, prioritized and fixed before risks increase, ultimately reducing the window of opportunities for hackers.

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Understand exactly what vulnerability intelligence is. And how we use it to fully enable organizations.

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    Vulnerability Intelligence

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    Vulnerability Intelligence for ALL your Applications and Systems

    Ensuring your applications and systems have vulnerability intelligence is key. Keep your security risks lower than ever.

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