Business Challenge
Spend Optimization

Business Challenge:

Manage software assets to meet financial objectives

How it Works:

Save money, deliver operational efficiencies and improve vendor management. At the same time, proactively manage software assets to meet your company’s financial obligations.

Get real optimization of your software spend. Our App Portal enforces continual software license compliance and controls software deployment. While also increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency of application service delivery. FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises delivers the necessary information through an inventory of your company’s applications — reconciled against actual usage and your product use rights. The result? A centralized system for proactively managing license compliance across the entire software estate.

Ensure your organization has the comprehensive, accurate insight into cloud infrastructure usage by implementing FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure. It automates the collection and aggregation of cloud usage data and billing information to produce a complete view of the cloud service consumption throughout your organization. And finally, improve engineering and design professionals’ productivity, accurately forecast usage and negotiate vendor contracts while optimizing your business’s software spend with FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications.

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