Business Challenge
Service Management

Provide asset management data to your IT Service Management solution to enhance service management processes and more.

Business Challenge:

Without complete asset management data, IT service management processes can be very limited and your CMDB will be incomplete.


By providing asset management and software licensing data to your IT Service Management solution, FlexNet Manager® Suite for Enterprises enhances a number of IT service management processes, including: Capacity, Change, Configuration, Problem, Performance, and Request Management.

How it Works:

Streamline service delivery and manage IT operations including processes for configuration, request, incident, problem, capacity and demand management, among others. ITSM solutions are used to deliver and manage services throughout the enterprise while meeting service level agreements. ITSM solutions from companies like BMC and Service Now provide an IT Service Catalog, Configuration Management system, CMDB and more.

Enrich your ITSM solution with Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager® Suite which provides a powerful and comprehensive software asset management and license optimization solution. Customers will improve operational efficiency, increase end-user satisfaction, minimize license compliance risk and reduce costs.

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