Business Challenge
Bring Your Own Software License

Managing everything on your to-do list has never been so streamlined

Business Challenge:

Controlling both software and hardware assets through manual processes is too time consuming. Your organization needs a more efficient way to manage it all.


Long, complicated to-do list — meet software license optimization and asset management.

How it Works:

Being more organized pays off for any business. When it comes to organizing software licenses with a single, intuitive dashboard, FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises surely rises to the occasion. License contracts and entitlements. Vendor relationships. And don’t forget software asset management and hardware. Cloud Asset Insights also helps manage these, providing discovery and normalization for commercial software assets deployed via Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Microsoft Azure. Transparency has arrived.

Optimization is key

See how Flexera can help turn your unplanned potential loss from software audits into a significant financial win for your organization.

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    The importance of Software License Optimization

    Looking to save 5% - 25% of your annual software spend? Then you’ll want to tune in.

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