Software License Management and Optimization Classes
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Instructor Led Education Courses

Flexera offers a wide variety of training courses to help you get the most of your investment in FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. The foundation of our software license management training is our instructor-led classes that provide world-class, instructor-led training complete with hands-on labs. Flexera provides instructors with practical, first-hand experience as well as flexible course content and schedules to meet your needs.

Complementing the instructor-led courses are our online courses. Customers can subscribe to gain access to a wide variety of online topics that provide in-depth, self-guided lessons to follow up on what was learned in the instructor-led courses. Flexera provides theoretical and practical explanations on all aspects of our products with demonstrations using real life examples. Your subscription provides unlimited access to all courses and topics for 12 months from the purchase date including any updated content released in that time. Access to online courses requires an account which you can request here.

Software License Management and Optimization Courses

App Portal Administration

The three-day, instructor led App Portal class provides you with the information you need to effectively plan, build, and maintain your App Portal environment This class takes you through the advanced design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the core features of App Portal based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM), and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Attendees will have a solid understanding of the design options, product features, and troubleshooting techniques.

FlexNet Manager Suite Operations

FlexNet Manager Suite Operations (FNM-1200) is a 4-day class is targeting end-users who perform the most common day to day tasks to manage the data in the FlexNet Manager Suite and are responsible to provide a software license optimization position. This course introduces students to the core functionality of the FlexNet Manager Suite, including managing basic software licenses, contracts, purchases, and hardware assets as well as advanced software license reconciliation topics including real-life licensing scenarios like Oracle, MSDN. It also covers all reporting capabilities including custom report creation.

FlexNet Manager Suite Administration

FlexNet Manager Suite Administration (FNM-1350) is a 2-day instructor led course designed for those who will configure and support as well as administer a FlexNet Manager Suite environment. The course covers supporting and troubleshooting the separate components that are installed as well as basic administrative functions. We also cover monitoring and troubleshooting the data flows critical to the system including discovery and inventory collection and the use of business adapter and inventory adapters to import data.

FlexNet Manager Suite Advanced Licensing

FlexNet Manager Suite Advanced Licensing (FNM-1400) is designed for those who will manage the licenses, software contracts and software purchases for a company. This course will assume a basic knowledge of the FlexNet Manager Suite including all the topics covered in the FlexNet Manager Suite Operations (FNM-1200) course or comparable experience with the product which is a pre-requisite of this course. This course covers the logic and advanced configuration options available in the FlexNet Manager Suite that are designed to handle complex license models and purchasing programs. Also included in this course, are vendor specific lessons for vendors covered by our Product Use Rights Library, including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Oracle and IBM.

FlexNet Manager Suite Implementation

FlexNet Manager Suite Implementation and Support course (FNM-1300) is a 2-day course that covers core implementation and configuration for the Flexera's FlexNet Manager Suite Solution. This class is targeted towards those consultants who will be installing, configuring and supporting the implementation of the FlexNet Manager Platform Product, and also performing basic administrative functions.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications - Administration and Operations

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications - Administration and Operations (FNM-4500) is a 3-day, instructor-led course designed for those who will be using the FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications for managing their license servers, running Classic Reports and using Report Designer to run and design Cognos reports.

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications Administration

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications Administration (FNM-4315) is a 2-day Instructor-led course designed to provide a complete introduction for the customer to the inner workings of the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications product. Included in the training are topics related to the install and configuration of the product, as well as how to administer your SAP licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite 1-Day Advanced License Management Training

Flexera provides 1-day instructor-led advanced license management and publisher specific courses to help manage complex licensing for different software publishers. These courses can be delivered as on-site training at your location, or as virtual public training classes. The virtual class allows students to attend from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection, and in some cases, a phone.

FlexNet Manager Suite Online Learning Subscription

FlexNet Manager Suite Online Learning Subscription (FNM-1000) provides access to all FlexNet Manager Suite online learning content for a one year subscription. The online content includes access to all interactive online learning content as well as PDFs of all sessions, recorded tutorials, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and gauge your progress as well as additional files to support the training content and provide best practices for using the FlexNet Manager Suite for Software License Optimization.

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