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Realize Software Asset Management Business Value Faster

Implementing a Software Asset Management (SAM) and License Optimization solution comes with considerable expectations for business value, including decreased software license and maintenance spend, reduced license compliance risk and increased operational efficiency. Organizations are under the microscope to clearly demonstrate the return on this investment and prove value to the organization.

It can sometimes be difficult, however, for enterprises to fully realize the value of their SAM tool investment for a number of reasons. The factors hindering this value realization are often related to a lack of operational staff to support the solution, low SAM program maturity, and inadequate governance over SAM processes, all of which are critical to success.

Far too often, organizations have considerable setbacks or are slow to demonstrate the expected value after the SAM tool has been implemented and need help operationalizing the solution to meet their business goals and objectives.

The Flexera Software License Optimization Value Acceleration Service is designed to operationalize the use of FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, remove barriers to success, and prepare the organization to manage the solution in a fully operational state so business value can be quickly realized and sustained.

Benefits of this Service

Upon successful completion of the Software License Optimization Value Acceleration Service, organizations will realize the following benefits:

  • Realize SAM business value faster—through software cost savings, audit risk reduction, and operational efficiencies
  • Maintain a continued focus on the organization’s SAM goals and objectives
  • Quickly achieve and maintain an operational steady state
  • Execute SAM best practice processes leveraging automation provided by FlexNet Manager Suite
  • Sustain Publisher License Positions created during the implementation
  • Define and track performance metrics and execute actions that drive SAM program success
  • Provide a turnkey system for the customer or partner when they are ready to take ownership of the SAM processes and tools

Delivery Approach

The service will be delivered as a highly consultative engagement and will include:

  • Maintain and operationalize the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises system
  • Define and execute SAM best practice processes
  • Sustain publisher license positions as aligned to the customer’s business goals and objectives
  • Identify and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure value realization is measured and areas of improvement are further identified
  • Provide appropriate knowledge transfer, training, and documentation
  • Ensure a turnkey system is delivered when the organization is ready to take over operation of their SAM program, including all processes and tools