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Enterprise App Store Software Implementation

Flexera App Portal is the leading solution for creating an enterprise app store that gives your users precisely what they want: fast, convenient access to applications. Companies are enthusiastically embracing the app store concept, but many need additional support to design user processes, build an effective catalog, and install and configure the software.

That's why Flexera backs its innovative self-service solution with App Portal Implementation Services. Through this offering, you can tap into expert assistance for all or part of your implementation. As a result, you can quickly and effectively establish a self-service store that adheres to best practices for handling software deployment, operating system deployment and even hardware requests, while maintaining complete control of the request, approval and fulfillment process.

Business Problems Addressed

Flexera highly skilled consultants have real-world experience working with hundreds of customer organizations. They employ a proven methodology that accelerates implementation and ensures that you get it right the first time.

With the help of Flexera consultants, you'll swiftly achieve an operational installation of App Portal configured for your environment. And you'll launch your enterprise app store in record time. Our experts bring in-depth skills and know-how to your organization, enabling you to:

  • Design key app store processes such catalog browsing and approval workflows based on best-practice processes
  • Quickly complete initial catalog setup
  • Develop a sound strategy for ongoing catalog maintenance
  • Transfer knowledge to your staff to ensure continued success with App Portal

Delivery Approach

Our delivery approach is flexible to meet a broad range of implementation needs. You select the services you want and combine them to create an implementation engagement that matches your needs and budget. Deliverables range from needs analysis, best-practices workshops and documentation to installation, configuration, mentoring, education and go-live support.

Flexera Delivery Team Composition

Enterprise App Portal implementation engagements are conducted by one or more senior consultants and a project manager. These experts have, on average, more than 10 years of experience. They are fully versed in Application Readiness best practices as well as App Portal functionality. They apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design, and smooth implementation and configuration of your software.