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Comprehensive Consulting, Implementation and Training Offerings For Software License Optimization

Thousands of customers have utilized our Software License Optimization solutions to ensure continuous compliance with software license agreements and to optimize their software spend – often realizing savings of 5-30%. Flexera Global Consulting Services has helped many of these customers with robust consulting, implementation and training offerings that help plan and implement and operate the solutions to leverage best practices and achieve desired business outcomes. Our experts in license compliance services are fully versed in software asset management (SAM) best practices as well as the functionality of our solutions. They apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design, and smooth implementation and configuration of your Software License Optimization solutions.


Software Asset Management & Software License Optimization ROI Workshop
The Software Asset Management and Software License Optimization Return on Investment (ROI) Workshop is an engagement involving the active participation of client personnel to collectively perform a rapid assessment of existing SAM capabilities. An in-depth questionnaire drives the interactive session and client self-assessment responses and workshop findings populate assumptions within Flexera's proprietary ROI model. An estimated ROI and payback timeframe depict the business value associated with establishing a robust SAM and license optimization program across the enterprise.

Software Asset Management Planning and Design Workshop
The Software Asset Management Business Planning and Design Workshop, delivered by highly trained consultants well versed in SAM best practices and FlexNet Manager Platform installation and setup will set enterprises on a path to implementation success. The workshop helps companies gather information about the overall scope and goals of their SAM/IT asset management project. It then helps establish best practice approaches to integrating and managing the data, tools and processes to drive toward a successful implementation.

Business Process to Product Mapping Workshops
Business Process to Product Mapping Workshops are delivered as a series of interactive sessions with key customer personnel on specific product-related processes. The workshops build on general product training to direct client team members on the day-to-day use of the Flexera product. Real-world scenarios employing client data provide hands-on experience in how to fully exploit the power of the FlexNet Manager Suite in the client's environment.


FlexNet Manager Platform Implementation Service
FlexNet Manager Platform Implementation Service provides technical and operational implementation in the organization's environment. Delivered by consultants with deep expertise in FlexNet Manager Platform and Software Asset Management best practice processes, this service ensures that the implementation and configuration of the FlexNet Manager Platform is rapid and robust. The service is based on process, design, and architecture decisions made jointly by the organization and Flexera's expert consultants.

Adapter Configuration and Development Service
The Adapter Configuration and Development Service is designed to help organizations implement the connectivity required to import data from several different sources—inventory tools, ERP systems, procurement systems, Active Directory and HR systems--into the FlexNet Manager Platform asset management repository. This service helps organizations define their adapter needs and reduce the cost of implementing the required connectivity through adapter re-use and tools that streamline adapter development.

App Portal Implementation
This software implementation services offering is your fastest path to quickly achieving an operational installation of the App Portal enterprise app store, configured for your environment. Using a proven methodology, our consultants will ensure that your app store adheres to best practices for software and hardware request, approval and fulfillment processes while giving IT Procurement and IT complete control of the procurement and deployment process. You can choose from a variety of software implementation services, including design guidance on processes such as catalog browsing and approval workflows, initial catalog setup, catalog maintenance strategy and knowledge transfer that enables you to manage and support App Portal. App Portal implementation can also include integration with FlexNet Manager Platform for license availability checking and automated software license reclamation (“reharvesting”).

Workflow Manager Implementation Service
This engagement delivers a tailored and unified workflow that follows best practices for Software License Optimization. Integration with external systems and a high degree of automation speed the execution of software asset management tasks.


Only about 45% of enterprises have a Software Asset Management (SAM) program in place today, according to industry analysts. Many are starting on the journey to implement a SAM program but are running into the common challenges—extremely complex software license agreements, license models and product use rights, highly dynamic virtualized environments, and globally distributed organizations. As a result, many enterprises are taking a look at SAM managed services as a way to meet these challenges and more quickly achieve the desired business outcomes. Flexera’s Global Consulting Services organization and our strategic partners provide a range of Software License Optimization Managed Services that enable organizations to quickly realize their business objectives.

Flexera and its partners offer Managed Services based on our market leading Software License Optimization technology—FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. The Suite can be deployed via ‘on-premises’, ‘hosted’ or ‘on-demand’—Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models.

There are four levels of Managed Services, depending on the needs of the customer:

Software License Optimization Value Acceleration Service
The Software License Optimization Value Acceleration Service is designed fill the gap from the end of the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises implementation to when the customer (or partner) is prepared to fully take over the operation of the SAM program. The benefit is a sustainable solution that avoids set-backs and accelerates value realization.

Inventory and Data Normalization Service
This is an entry-level basic managed service that provides organizations with visibility and control of hardware assets and software installs across the customer’s IT environment.

Compliance Service
This includes the Inventory Service component plus the general management of commercial software products with more than 10 installs. The objective is a License Compliance Position based on ‘purchased versus installed’ license reconciliation.

Optimization Service
This includes Inventory Service and Compliance Service components plus software license optimization for key vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Symantec. The objective is an optimized license position for specific vendors taking into account software product use rights to minimize license consumption and reduce ongoing costs for software.


We offer a variety of training courses—both instructor-led and online--to help you understand how to quickly get the most out of our market-leading Software License Optimization solutions. Learn more about our Software License Optimization training classes.