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The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Be on Time and Within Budge

Windows migrations, desktop virtualization and other major application packaging projects can take countless hours of effort on the part of your packaging and desktop management teams. Even a project targeted at increasing the efficiency of your steady-state application packaging process can consume hours of staff time.

As you undertake these software packaging projects, it isn't uncommon to experience delays and budget overruns. Why? There are many reasons. For example, with respect to operating system migrations, a number of legacy applications predate Windows 7 and 8 by many years. A large percentage of them won't run on newer operating systems unless you modify them. Moreover, the original application owners are probably long gone, and you may no longer have the expertise in house to adapt the applications for today's operating systems.

Fortunately, the right combination of process and solutions can make the job easier. Applications can be tested and modified automatically to ensure reliable operation on newer versions of Windows as well as in virtual formats. Flexera AdminStudio Suite includes components that accelerate completion of these projects by automating compatibility assessment and testing, remediation of issues and packaging of applications for the new environment.

Even so, large-scale application packaging projects bring with them some degree of business risk. You may not have people on your staff with experience in with virtualizing desktop applications or moving large application portfolios to newer versions of Windows. Moreover, senior management has likely established tight timelines, and the mandated schedule may be impossible to meet given in-house expertise and current staffing levels.

Business Problems Addressed

Outsourcing is often the quickest and most effective way to complete a project on time and within budget. And Flexera Global Consulting Services can take on the job for you through our Outsourced Application Packaging and Staff Augmentation offering. With the help of our experts you can:

  • Protect your investment in the scores of legacy applications you've deployed over the years
  • Learn from professionals who have in-depth knowledge of packaging, virtualization and application compatibility best practices
  • Benefit from the experience of people who have worked on scores of projects with similar applications, processes and challenges
  • Embed experts within your packaging teams, providing a rich source of knowledge that lifts the skill sets and capabilities of your packagers and desktop managers
  • Overcome the dissatisfaction of application owners who are frustrated by delays in releasing their applications on new platforms

If staff augmentation is required, our offering includes a broad array of deliverables, ranging from analysis of current application inventory and packaging requirements to repackaging MSI packages, MST files and virtualized applications. At the end of the engagement, you receive a software packaging process completion report that documents all aspects of how each application was configured for later use by the support organization. You can choose any combination of services you want — creating an engagement that matches your needs and budget.

Delivery Approach

Because the implementation services are configurable to meet your needs, so too is the delivery approach. You can select the service you want and combine them to create an implementation engagement that matches your needs and budget. Deliverables range from needs analysis/best practices workshop, documentation, automation of activities, mentoring and assisting and more.

Flexera Delivery Team Composition

The software packaging services are delivered by a consultant or senior consultant who has five to eight years of experience with AdminStudio implementations, packaging, virtualization, process improvement and standards setting for scores of enterprises with similar business challenges.