Data from Software Vulnerabilities

Software Vulnerability Research

Software vulnerability issues? Solved.

Now you can sprint ahead of software vulnerability threats. Access trusted software vulnerability research covering more than 55,000 applications. Provide timely alerts on potential risks. And empower your IT team to manage proactively. Optimized software vulnerability management starts with vulnerability intelligence.

Flexera Software Vulnerability Research provides access to verified intelligence from Secunia Research, covering all applications and systems across all platforms. Prioritization is driven by threat intelligence, workflows, tickets and alerts, and describes the steps to mitigate the risk of costly breaches. You stay in control. And hackers stay out.

Now you can:

  • Get security alerts covering the applications and systems you care about
  • Learn the details about how software vulnerabilities may affect you and the solution status
  • Focus on what matters most based upon criticality, exploit activity, software vulnerability score and more
  • Access software vulnerability intelligence which is verified, tested and validated by Secunia Research
  • React more quickly with alerts for software vulnerabilities provided within one day of public disclosure
  • Automate notifications and the creation of support tickets to ensure the right people are quickly alerted to take any necessary action

Key advantages:

  • Receive advisories, alerts, tickets, reports and visibility into security patches and software vulnerability to react quicker
  • Concentrate on vulnerability research, alerts and news relating to the products that matter the most



Why Using a SCUP Catalog Alone for Security Patching Isn't Good Enough

What if you could prioritize the most critical security patches so that vulnerabilities are closed before an exploit attempt? Learn how.

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Bridging Vulnerability Management Gaps

Keeping your systems and confidential data safer have never been more important. Understand how our solution tackles gaps in traditional vulnerability management tools.

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Prioritize Patching Efforts with the SVM Threat Intelligence Module

Flexera’s new Threat Intelligence Module adds a valuable layer of insight for customers using our Software Vulnerability Management and Software Vulnerability Research solutions.

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Anatomy of a Security Advisory

Since 2002, Flexera’s Secunia Research team has been delivering security advisories that provide reliable, curated, and actionable vulnerability intelligence. Find out what’s in a security advisory, and how it helps prioritize your remediation efforts.

Anatomy of a Security Advisory


By proactively guiding prioritization and automating key processes, Flexera can help you close vulnerabilities before they develop.