Normalize Makes Reconciliation Easy

Data Normalization – automated and easy. Use Technopedia Normalize to provide a single version of accurate and relevant data that will become the foundation for initiatives spanning multiple teams. From data center transformation to application rationalization to vendor contract management, we’ve got you covered.

With Technopedia Normalize, you can:

  • Achieve data alignment across the organization through data normalization
  • Gain accurate visibility into deployments
  • Understand purchased entitlements
  • Eliminate time-consuming, ineffective manual efforts for data reconciliation
  • Gain comprehensive product details for better decision making

Use Technopedia Normalize to get the most out of your data reconciliation.

Key Features

  • Extracted and Normalized Data from 40+ Data Sources
  • Normalization of Procurement Data and Deployment Data
  • Data is Categorized as Either "Known" or "Irrelevant" Using Patented Rule-based Mapping
  • De-duplicated Installation Data Uses an “Ordering Version” to Avoid Double Counting
  • Different Suite and Standalone Installations
  • Normalized Data Readily Available and Consumable via the Publish Interface
  • Automatically Translated Purchase Orders to Complete Entitlement Information
  • Deciphered POs with Missing or Incomplete Part Numbers or Part Descriptions
  • Categorized “Unknowns” Within Pre-defined SLAs Using a Unique and Comprehensive "Gap Fill" Process
  • Creation of a private catalog for internal applications
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