Cloud Asset Insights

Better Insights. Better Decisions.

Transparent. Visible. That’s Cloud Asset Insights. This tool will help you manage assets that have been deployed in the cloud. Use cloud asset management for migration planning, software license management, IT service management, procurement and more.

With Cloud Asset Insights, you can:

  • Create a trusted view of assets in Amazon EC2 with a direct integration with Amazon EC2 System Manager
  • Collect, normalize, enrich and report on software residing on Amazon EC2 instances
  • Capture exact EC2 instance type (e.g. t2.micro, c4.large, etc.) and attributes (e.g. vCPU, memory, storage, etc.)
  • Deliver comprehensive coverage of assets in Amazon EC2 instances
  • Collect Windows and Linux assets residing on Amazon EC2 instances
  • Capture even short-lived or ephemeral instances of software deployments running on EC2 instances
  • Reduce operational and financial risk of cloud management
  • Provide greater insight and transparency into asset technology spend in the cloud to manage operational efficiency, software compliance and vendor audits

Cloud Asset Insights provides discovery and normalization for commercial software assets deployed in the cloud.

Key Features

  • Integrated with your cloud vendor’s toolset (Amazon EC2 Systems Manager)
  • Discovers OS and cloud instance level data
  • Collects short-lived or ephemeral instances often found in cloud deployments
  • Provides comprehensive discovery of systems and applications leveraging fingerprinting tech
  • Removes duplicate, irrelevant, and inaccurate data using Technopedia
  • Enriches asset data to create actionable data intelligence
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