Workflow Manager

Prepared. Optimized. Safe.

Application readiness. Software license optimization. Vulnerability management. You have to keep it all together while your software assets constantly change. You need a proven playbook, close teamwork, and flawless execution. Flexera Workflow Manager standardizes, streamlines, automates, and coordinates application management through the entire asset lifecycle. Enjoy the win.

Reduce manual effort, boost productivity, and eliminate costly errors with Workflow Manager.

  • Prepare for Windows 10 migrations and application virtualization as well as procurement, auditing, and retirement of software assets
  • Manage application readiness workflow and software license optimization processes
  • Incorporate security operations
  • Keep workflow moving among IT, finance, security, and other teams
  • Coordinate with IT service management systems
  • Easily customize workflows to align with your unique business processes and changing needs
A lesson in advanced saving for Chicago Public Schools

Partnering with Flexera trims costs of a complex computer infrastructure.

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