Workflow Manager

Standardize, Coordinate, and Automate Workflow Management with Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager, our workflow management software, helps enterprises efficiently manage the Application Readiness and Software License Optimization processes to streamline the procurement, preparation, deployment, and ongoing management of applications. Workflow Manager maximizes productivity of the IT team by automating change management, asset management, and other ITIL processes as part of the enterprise application lifecycle.

Application packaging. Software license workflow. The enterprise application lifecycle is complex and demanding. Flexera Workflow Manager reins in the chaos of application management, saving major time and resources.

With Workflow Manager, you have the tools to standardize, coordinate and automate application readiness and software license optimization. The IT team has advanced intelligence. Processes are streamlined. Licenses are easier to track, assign and manage.

Workflow Management Software for the Entire Asset Management Lifecycle

  • Streamline and automate with a six-step application readiness process
  • Coordinate software license optimization
  • Assign and monitor requests and issues in real time
  • Identify packagers with available bandwidth
  • Follow progress in an easy-to-follow graphical workflow
  • Generate detailed reports on the package process
  • Ensure compliance. Tracking and managing service level agreements is simplified
  • Enjoy real time intelligence that saves time and money
  • Tightly integrate the application lifecycle with existing IT processes

Streamline Application Readiness

  • Provide users easy processes for requesting new software and IT projects
  • Track and manage service license agreements to ensure compliance

Coordinate Software License Optimization

  • Collects data from other IT systems
  • Increases data accuracy of procurement and receiving of new software and contracts with real time updates
  • Coordinate audit reviews of contract obligations and current compliance
  • Ensure collaboration of cross-functional teams for simplified management of software assets
  • View real-time status of every project, who is working on it, and any issues that arise

Tightly Integrate Management of the Application Lifecycle with existing IT Processes

  • Exposed APIs enable integration with help desk tools and processes including incident, change, and release management from leading vendors including BMC Remedy® and ServiceNow
  • Share package files, metadata, licensing information and other application lifecycle data with IT systems like the CMDB to simplify ITIL or Microsoft BDD implementations
  • Connect HR, Active Directory, procurement, ERP and other systems for user, computer, purchasing and organizational data
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