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Expert Consulting and Training Support

We want to make the onboarding and implementation of your Flexera solution as smooth and seamless as possible. That’s why Flexera customers have access to training and consulting services that help you plan, implement and operate your solutions and achieve desired business outcomes. These services are made available through our network of partners working closely with Flexera Global Consulting Services.

Flexera’s partners are carefully selected from around the globe to provide best-in-class expertise and offer solutions to a range of business and technical challenges that help you reach your goals. Our partners provide highly trained experts applying proven methodologies that reduce the time it takes to realize your ROI.

Flexera Global Consulting Services have helped many Flexera customers with robust consulting, implementation and training offerings that help plan, implement and operate the solutions to achieve desired business outcomes. Our experts are fully versed in best practices as well as the functionality of our solutions. They apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design, and smooth implementation and configuration of your solutions.


Flexera, or one of our strategic partners, will host a collaborative design workshop run by expert consultants who will apply best practices for setting enterprises on the path to implementation success. The workshop helps your organization gather information about the scope and goals of your IT environment endeavor. It then helps establish best practice approaches to integrating and managing the data, tools and processes to drive toward a successful implementation.


Our Implementation Service provides technical and operational implementation directly in the organization's environment. Delivered by consultants with deep expertise in best practice processes, this service ensures the implementation and configuration of your Flexera solution is rapid and robust. The service is based on process, design, and architecture decisions made jointly by the organization and an expert consultant from Flexera, or one of our strategic partners.


Many enterprises begin the journey to transform their IT environment, only to encounter difficulty overcoming common challenges: a lack of visibility into their technology ecosystem, rising spend, and not being able to move faster while staying in control. Flexera’s Global Consulting Services organization and our strategic partners provide a range of services that enable organizations to quickly realize their business objectives.

How Can Flexera Optimize Your IT Operations?