Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize public and private cloud spend

Flexera One offers a unique approach to cloud cost optimization that enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to optimize spend. With Flexera One, you get a comprehensive set of cloud cost optimization capabilities designed to easily reduce costs across your entire cloud environment.

Cloud Cost Optimization Capabilities

Cloud Cost Optimization Dashboard

Manage Spend

Take control of cloud costs

A major contributor to wasted cloud spend is the decentralized control of cloud accounts. With Flexera One’s cloud cost optimization, you’ll have a complete cloud cost picture across the organization to better inform your decision-making process.

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Cloud Spend Optimization Opportunities

Find Savings

Uncover cloud spend optimization opportunities

Now you can monitor cloud usage, costs and discounting structures for all your public and private cloud accounts—allowing you to identify optimization opportunities and present smart recommendations for cost optimization actions.

Success Story

How a management software provider managed their cloud costs

Flexera helped a workplace management software provider gain visibility into 85 separate cloud accounts’ costs, saving $200,000 a year through cloud cost optimization.

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saved annually
across three cloud providers

Automate Savings

Continually optimize cloud costs

Automated actions taken on recommendations paired with budget controls and cost policies help your organization avoid surprises and continually eliminate waste.

Cloud Cost Optimization Service

Cloud Cost Optimization Capabilities

Optimize public and private cloud spend

Cloud Cost Management Software

Gain full control over multi-cloud costs

Simplify cloud cost management across multiple platforms and work collaboratively with cloud resource owners to report, manage and optimize cloud spend.

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Cloud Governance Dashboard

Leverage AI and machine-learning policies to control cloud estate

Enable your cloud governance teams to manage and control hybrid cloud use to automate governance of costs, operations, security and compliance.

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