Software Vulnerability Manager

Your Complete SecOps Platform

Software Vulnerability Manager

Software Vulnerability Manager empowers IT Security and Operations with intelligence to continuously track, identify and remediate vulnerable applications — before exploitation leads to costly breaches. It enables SecOps initiatives by providing verified intelligence by Secunia Research, timely vulnerability advisories, accurate assessment and security patches, all in a single console.


Respond to new threats faster and more accurately by ensuring that Security and Ops teams collaborate effectively

Consistent Data, Custom views

Ensure IT Security and IT Operations have consistent data, yet custom views to effectively collaborate on the latest research, assessed vulnerabilities, and remediation activities.

Remediation Policies

Implement vulnerability management policies and workflows. Drive and report on remediation processes from end to end to ensure SLAs are met.

ITSM Tickets and Workflows

Create ServiceNow and BMC Remedy tickets to track vulnerabilities from advisory to remediation.

IT Security

Leverage the latest Secunia Research verified intelligence to stay on top of the software vulnerabilities that can affect your business

Reduce exposure to hacks

Track the latest Secunia Research and Assessment results to drive and complete the remediation efforts, and effectively reduce your exposure to hacks.

Stay Informed

Get advisories, alerts, tickets, reports and visibility into software vulnerability and security patches to react faster.

Cut through the noise

Focus your vulnerability research, news, and alerts on the products that matter most.

IT Operations

Fast track Remediation with easy access to the latest 3rd party security patches

3rd Party Security Patching for SCCM

Prioritize, configure and publish security patches to WSUS and SCCM for hundreds of non-Microsoft applications.

Set and Forget

Configure a patch once, and future updates will be automatically prepared.

Broad Patch Assessment

Continuously assess exposure to more than 20,000 vulnerable applications.