Software Vulnerability Manager

Your Complete Software Vulnerability Management Platform

Software Vulnerability Manager

Software Vulnerability Manager Research facilitates effective reduction of the attack surface for cybercriminals, providing access to verified intelligence from Secunia Research at Flexera, covering all applications and systems across all platforms. It drives prioritization by handling intelligence, workflows, tickets and alerts, and describes the steps to mitigate the risk of costly breaches.

IT Security

Leverage the latest Secunia Research verified intelligence to stay on top of the software vulnerabilities that can affect your business

Reduce exposure to hacks

Track the latest Secunia Research and Assessment results to drive and complete the remediation efforts, and effectively reduce your exposure to hacks.

Stay Informed

Get advisories, alerts, tickets, reports and visibility into software vulnerability and security patches to react faster.

Cut through the noise

Focus your vulnerability research, news, and alerts on the products that matter most.