FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises

Get Control of Your Hardware and Software Assets, Cut Software and Cloud Costs and Stop Worrying About Software Audits

Know What’s Out There in Your IT Environment

The first thing you need to do is collect complete and accurate hardware and software inventory data. Then you can manage hardware assets (Hardware Asset Management) throughout the product lifecycle. This includes:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Multiple operating systems—Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC
  • Virtual Machines (hard and soft partitions)

Get a normalized list of the software (publishers, titles, versions and editions) on each of your computers. This software can be on-premises or in the cloud.

FlexNet Normalized Inventory gives you visibility and control of your IT estate.

Know What’s Out There in Your IT Environment

Cut Costs for Desktop Software

To manage your desktop software you need to be able to do these 4 things well:

  • Understand your license position—so you can stay in license compliance and defend against software audits
  • Proactively check for available licenses before you deploy the software
  • Take advantage of software product use rights to avoid over-buying licenses
  • Reclaim licenses for unused software and make them available to other users. Know what you have and use what you have before you buy more!

With FlexNet Manager Platform and App Portal you can do all of these things and more. Put together a mature Software Asset Management process for Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and thousand of other vendors.

Stay In Charge of Your Server Software

Server environments are complex and so are the licensing rules that go along with them. Just like for desktop software, you need to be able to reconcile the licenses you purchased with the installed software. And you still have to apply product use rights to lower your license consumption.

But now those software use rights are more complicated.

FlexNet Manager Suite Software Asset Management and License Optimization solutions for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and VMware, let you stay in charge of your server software. Control costs. Be prepared for annual Enterprise Agreement (EA) true-ups and contract renewals. Keep the software auditors at bay.

Stay In Charge of Your Server Software

Control Costs for SaaS Applications

If your business is like most others, you’re starting to use a lot of SaaS applications. But, costs for SaaS apps can easily spiral out of control. You need to manage these costs.

Stay on top of Microsoft Office 365 with FlexNet Manager for Microsoft. Reclaim unused subscription licenses and make them available to other users. Get the data you need to assign the right subscription plan levels to your users.

Manage Salesforce.com subscriptions too.

Control Costs for SaaS Applications

Gain Insight with Powerful Data Analytics

More stakeholders across your business need access to better information. This includes your Software Asset Management data.

FlexNet Manager Suite gives all of your IT and business stakeholders access to Data Analytics. And, they can customize the view to best meet their needs.

Get Your Arms Around Your Cloud Infrastructure

If you’re buying Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS), you need to have visibility across your whole organization. See your entire cloud environment. Track utilization of cloud instances. Eliminate wasted spend on unused capacity. And keep cloud costs under control.

FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure gives you the visibility you need to manage your cloud costs and utilization.

Have Concurrent Licenses? No Problem!

Lots of engineering and technical applications use the concurrent license model. And the trick is to have all the data to make the right decisions on the number of licenses you need.

You don’t want to be over licensed because these are usually very expensive applications. Being under licensed could delay your project, hurting time to market.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications gives you the informatin you need to manage your engineering and product design applications. See peak usage, denials of service and usage trends. Optimize your concurrent licenses.

See our other Enterprise Solutions

  • Software Vulnerability Manager is part of our SecOps solution that mitigates vulnerability security risk.
  • FlexNet Code Insight lets you take control of and manage use of open source software (OSS) and third-party components.
  • AdminStudio streamilines the application compatibility testing and packaging process to ensure you have reliable software deployments.

FlexNet Manager Suite is integrated with IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions from the industry leaders—BMC and ServiceNow. Be sure to see how BMC solved their own software asset management challenges with Flexera—view the video!

FlexNet Manager Suite is available through three delivery models:

  • On-premises
  • Cloud—Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. (Note: all products in the Suite are available via Cloud delivery except FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications and FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure).
  • Managed Service—Flexera partners provide SAM and Software License Optimization services based on FlexNet Manager Suite.

Get to the next level

Implement a mature Software Asset Management and License Optimization program with FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises and realize these benefits:

  • Get visibility and control of the hardware and software assets throughout your IT environment
  • Reduce software and cloud services costs—up to 30% savings per year can be achieved
  • Get a better return on your software and cloud investments
  • Reduce license compliance risk and unbudgeted costs from software audits
  • Increased operational efficiency and user satisfaction!