Award-winning Products to Increase Enterprise Application Usage and Value

Application Packaging, Enterprise App Store, Vulnerability Intelligence and Next Generation Software Asset Management

Our market-leading products for software asset management help companies increase the usage and value they realize from their software, and mitigate against security risks by strategically managing application usage across the entire software lifecycle. Market-leading brands such as AdminStudio, FlexNet Manager Suite and Corporate Software Inspector are used by over 15,000 customers globally.

Products for enterprises, governments and educational institutions deliver the application packaging, enterprise app store, vulnerability intelligence and next generation software asset management needed to increase business value realized from applications and lower IT costs.

Flexera Software products, combined with our Global Consulting Services and Training, deliver the business solutions companies need to increase usage and the value of software across the entire software lifecycle.

Application Readiness

Quickly prepare reliable virtual applications, MSI packages and mobile apps for error-free deployment. Turn application planning, testing, and packaging into a reliable and fast response process that accelerates application virtualization, operating system migrations, and other desktop management transformations. Improve service delivery by automatically publishing applications to the enterprise app store and making them immediately available to employees.

Software Vulnerability Management

Get prioritized, verified vulnerability intelligence across your entire infrastructure to reduce cybersecurity risks. Ensure that IT security and asset management staff have the actionable intelligence needed to identify and act on cybersecurity threats proactively. Protect all of your computers, including bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), by identifying, prioritizing and deploying security patches proactively.

Software License Optimization

Eliminate shelfware, reduce software license spend by as much as 25 percent, and maintain license compliance for your high-value Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, VMware, and engineering application software. FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises helps you cut costs and reduce software audit and license compliance risks. Ensure continual application governance and compliance with the integrated enterprise app store that verifies license availability, obtains proper approvals, and reclaims unused licenses.