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Rationalize Your Application Spend

Eliminate wasted SaaS spending

Software is transforming enterprises in every industry. With the explosion in the number of software applications organizations use, inefficiencies and redundancies are inevitable. The rise of easy-to-access SaaS applications and an increase in IT purchases by business units result in a lack of visibility for IT teams.

IT organizations need to discover and uncover all their software usage, including shadow IT, to eliminate redundancies, reduce risk, and negotiate the best prices for their purchases.


Few enterprises have a complete picture of their applications, including where they're running and who purchased them. This “black hole” creates redundancies, waste, and risks.

Flexera solution:

Flexera gives you a complete picture of your software use. Our rich discovery capabilities include agent-based discovery, integration to existing third-party tools, links to SSO systems, API-based discovery, and expense reporting systems. These approaches allow you to uncover even your shadow IT spend in order to consolidate redundancies and eliminate unused or underused applications. This complete picture of application usage also enables you to eliminate security risks from vulnerabilities as well as data risks from unmanaged access to SaaS.

The proof:

Flexera customers reduce spend by uncovering unused or underused SaaS or on-premises software, eliminating unused applications, rightsizing purchases, and reallocating existing licenses to avoid buying new licenses. Flexera also enables customers to consolidate purchases of the same or similar software in order to negotiate the lowest prices.


Flexera’s technology scans and audits your SaaS environment to eliminate redundancies and maximize your resources.