Employee assess it cost optimization strategies for his company

Optimize IT Costs with Spend Management

Reduce IT costs across software and infrastructure

Ensuring cost optimization for your IT landscape is getting more complicated. You need a complete picture of software and infrastructure costs for both on-premises and cloud environments. You need to manage large enterprise purchases of software and hardware and annual or monthly subscriptions for SaaS, as well as per-minute on-demand spend for public cloud.

This complexity causes inefficiencies in IT spend. Enterprises are wasting up to a third of their software and cloud costs, and that’s not counting the 40 percent of spend going to shadow IT. Software license audits can introduce more costs and risk. By optimizing your technology spend, you can eliminate waste and reallocate investments to critical IT initiatives.

Discover integrated solutions to reduce IT costs


It's difficult to manage IT spend across a hybrid IT landscape. You need solutions that give you a complete and detailed inventory of software and infrastructure resources across both on-premises and the cloud.

Flexera solution:

Flexera offers comprehensive IT cost management to help you optimize spend across software, infrastructure, SaaS, and cloud. Our solutions meet the unique needs of teams across your organization by ensuring the efficient use of IT investments. Asset management teams can control software license costs and sail through audits. IT teams can eliminate excess users from SaaS applications and uncover shadow SaaS usage. And cloud teams can track their public cloud costs.

The proof:

Flexera customers have realized savings across their entire IT environment, from on-premises to the cloud.


Gain complete insight and control of assets, software licenses and subscriptions across your entire IT operation.