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The Future Belongs to Those Who Optimize

Build a lean, modern enterprise by eliminating wasted spending in your IT ecosystem

Now you can get a comprehensive view of your entire IT landscape, from precise on-prem and multi-cloud environment usage, to underutilized SaaS subscriptions, license redundancies and shadow IT. We make optimizing your technology spending easier, so you can eliminate waste and reallocate investments to critical IT initiatives.

Evolve your IT estate and defend it from threats and audits with Flexera

Evolve your IT estate and defend it from threats and audits with Flexera

Your complex IT environment demands a lot of you. Is it up to date? Is it protected from external threats and audit risks? Is it rightsized across data centers, SaaS and the cloud? With the ultimate visibility Flexera provides, you’ll have the cleanest, most complete understanding of your software and hardware.

Challenges We Help Solve

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Optimizing costs across software and infrastructure

It's difficult to manage IT spend across a hybrid IT landscape. You need solutions that give you a complete and detailed inventory of software and infrastructure resources across both on-premises and the cloud.

Here's How

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Rationalizing application spend

With the explosion in the number of software applications organizations use, inefficiencies and redundancies are inevitable. Few enterprises have a complete picture of their applications wherever they're running and whoever purchased them. This “black hole” creates waste and security risks.

See The Whole Picture

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Gaining control over SaaS and cloud spend

Cloud spend, including SaaS and public cloud, is growing 20 percent a year according to Gartner (IT Spending Forecast, 3Q18 Update: Ride the Innovation Wave). But the cloud resources used by an enterprise are continually changing, so IT organizations need to extend beyond traditional financial management tools and approaches to continuously aggregate, analyze, and optimize. Policy-based automation becomes a must-have capability for the new world of cloud.

Reining In Your Cloud Spend

Strategic solutions for IT optimization

Flexera's tools and solutions can help bring order to the chaos and light to the darkness to help you save valuable time and resources for more high-value initiatives.