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Understand Your Technology

Gain clarity for your hybrid IT strategy

Hybrid IT management is complex, and organizations rarely have a single accurate view of the technology assets they're using, whether SaaS or PaaS or running on-premises or in the cloud. There’s a lot of data you can collect about your assets inventory and usage, but 95 percent of that data is irrelevant to decision making. Why extend manual effort to collect data that won’t help you be more efficient when you can use automated solutions to provide accurate data?

Understanding your technology landscape goes beyond just having a normalized inventory you can trust. Enriching that view with relevant data points around technology obsolescence, compatibility, risk, and readiness that is then shared with the broader organization allows for all to have a common understanding of the challenges — and the possibilities.


To make informed decisions about your IT landscape, you need to gain visibility and share a single common view with all stakeholders including operations, architecture, security, finance, and the C-suite. That task is difficult when your inventory of assets and services sits in different systems with different owners. Your time is better spent managing and optimizing your environments to align with business initiatives, not trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Flexera solution:

We help you obtain information about your technology from multiple sources and automatically cleanse, normalize, standardize, and enrich it with curated content from Technopedia, the largest and most trusted source of IT asset data in the world. With these accurate and reliable technology insights, you can make informed decisions on initiatives involving IT service management, enterprise architecture, risk assessments, end of service life, CMDB improvements, and many others.

The proof:

Our customers report that on average, they spend 60 percent less time researching and validating IT data to support software/hardware asset management, license reclamation, architectural reviews, or risk mitigation.

An enterprise architect customer in a large retail space says: “I used to spend most of my day preparing reports to everyone who asked about something. They always came back asking for more. Now, with Flexera Data Platform, I surfaced all the data in self-service dashboards that the business can use, slice, and dice at their leisure to make decisions of any sort."   

We found out that more than 40 percent of our IT environment is end-of-life or soon reaching that point. It was unnerving, but allowed us to react in a coordinated way.

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We'll show you how to reign in redundant spending and streamline your hybrid IT ecosystem to be a competitive advantage.