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Shine a Light on the Dark Corners of Your IT Ecosystem

We help you turn insights into efficient transformation

Sometimes, it’s the simplest concepts that can be the most transformative–but only when those concepts can actually be implemented. That’s exactly where Flexera excels. We give you better insights across your entire IT ecosystem, so you can eliminate wasted spend, reduce critical vulnerabilities and unite your entire organizational strategy across departments.

Automating these vital tasks ensures cleaner, more reliable data, increased organizational nimbleness and increased compliance rates. Which, in turn, frees your valuable resources to focus on higher-level strategic efforts.

Get the visibility you need for better strategic IT decisions with Flexera

Get the visibility you need for better strategic IT decisions with Flexera

It takes a thorough understanding of your organization’s complex IT estate to make the best strategic decisions. With Flexera’s standardized, structured, unified version of your IT truth, stakeholders in your company will have the visibility needed to clearly see problems and opportunities.

Challenges We Help Solve

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Understanding your technology

To make informed decisions about your IT landscape, you need to gain visibility and share a single common view with all stakeholders including operations, architecture, security, finance, and the C-suite. That task is difficult when your inventory of assets and services sits in different systems with different owners. You need to spend your time managing and optimizing your environments to align with business initiatives, not trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Here's How We Help

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Improving your CMDB quality

Every source of information for a CMDB has limitations. Some reach the endpoints, some only servers, and many lack the ability to understand and measure SaaS. To make matters more complex, for each platform there may be different tools that gather different pieces of relevant information that don’t always match.

What To Do About It

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Responding faster to audits

To respond to an audit, the first thing you need to do is present a clear picture of the hardware, software, and services being used. In order to accomplish this effectively, it’s imperative that the information collected from all the various sources is consistent, relevant, and rich.

Flexera Makes It Easy

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