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Efficient solutions for IT ecosystems

The rise of short-lived IT services across on-premises and public and private clouds has made IT governance a daunting challenge. The task has become even more difficult with the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud. Gone are the days of managing a single cloud; multi-cloud has become the norm. By avoiding vendor lock-in, enterprises can leverage unique cloud provider strengths in cost, unique capabilities, or some combination of bot

And with change the new constant in IT, governance is not a once-and-done thing. Policies can’t be set and forgotten; they need to be constantly verified and enforced. With services being continually deployed, scaled up and down, and retired, IT must ensure consistent delivery of services at the lowest possible cost and risk to the business. 


Mentor Graphics is a multinational corporation in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. The company was launching a new service that required connecting mobile applications to physical devices and needed scalable, cost-efficient infrastructure.


Flexera Solution

Flexera CMP provided Mentor Graphics with a complete cloud management solution for managing multiple public clouds from a single pane of glass.

The right way to provide scalable infrastructure today is via the cloud. To avoid vendor lock-in, organizations need the ability to run on multiple clouds. RightScale (now part of Flexera) gives us an elegant solution that also meets our need for rapid deployment.

Shay Benchorin

Director of Cloud Services Platform bei Mentor Graphics

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Eliminate access issues in fast-moving cloud environments with automation and standardized configurations.