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Modernize organizational processes with improved CI/CD

Enterprises embarking on their DevOps transformation are faced with significant challenges. How to enable DevOps while minimizing cost and risk to the business? Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) is at the heart of DevOps. By pushing out frequent, tested changes and updates to IT services, IT can move much faster with less risk of something breaking or failing.

In many cases, services delivered through a CI/CD pipeline are best served by cloud resources that can be spun up or down on demand, in private or public clouds. DevOps teams need automated ways to access these cloud resources while ensuring the appropriate governance and controls over cost, compliance, and security requirements. 


Pearson, a publisher and provider of education solutions, needed a cloud management solution to help DevOps push out new customer services faster without running the risk of cost overruns and security misconfiguration. The company sought to automate and enable the DevOps teams to be self-sufficient, while ensuring cost management, governance and security.

Flexera Solution

Flexera’s CMP includes rich self-service and orchestration that enable end-to-end automation from instance provisioning to complex service delivery across multiple clouds with appropriate governance oversight. Its extensible plug-in architecture lets you orchestrate any cloud service or any API-enabled third-party solutions. And it can be accessed via API so you can orchestrate automatically from your DevOps tools.

We are fairly typical of large enterprises with some development groups that are forward thinking and have been adopting cloud computing to take advantage of the on-demand and pay-as-you-go model of cloud computing. We use Flexera to reduce our overhead and the time we have to spend on cloud infrastructure.


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Avoid Obsolesence

Flexera can help you save valuable resources by transforming your DevOps into a lean, modern operation.