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Solutions for Modern, Agile IT Operations

Increase agility and control with automation and a consolidated view of your IT landscape

In a world of increasingly short-lived IT services, complex multi-cloud environments and greater organizational demand for rapid servicing, maintaining adherence to necessary policies and processes while meeting user requests has become more and more challenging.

Flexera’s best-in-class solutions make this daunting task achievable. Armed with our tools and expertise, you're empowered to meet the demands of the modern enterprise, all while laying the critical foundation for vital organizational transformation.

Fight IT disruption and gain time for disruptive ideas with Flexera

Fight IT disruption and gain time for disruptive ideas with Flexera

Your job is to fight disruption of your IT estate. But you’re also charged with coming up with disruptive new ideas. With automated solutions from Flexera, you’re able to cost-effectively keep disruption in check while gaining time to develop and implement innovations.

Challenges We Help Solve

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Enabling unified, automated and continuous governance

Gone are the days of having a single cloud to manage; multi-cloud has become the norm. And with change becoming the new constant in IT, governance is not a once-and-done thing. Policies can’t be set and forgotten–they need to be constantly verified and enforced.

We Have The Solution

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Deploying a hybrid cloud strategy

Hybrid cloud is the new norm for how businesses deliver products and services. Many enterprises now use as many as five different clouds, with at least two on-premises private clouds in the mix. How can you manage it all?

Gain a Single View

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Transforming DevOps

Enterprises embarking on their own DevOps transformation are faced with a significant number of challenges. Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) are at the heart of DevOps. But how do you enable DevOps while minimizing cost and risk to the business?

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Deploying IT as a service

IT teams are being asked to do a lot more and move a lot faster. With the rise of cloud, business units and development teams must no longer wait weeks or months to gain access to the resources and infrastructure needed to deliver new services that provide business value.

Self-Service Is Key


Flexera solutions can help your IT organization succeed in today's ever-changing environment.